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© Primetals Technologies

Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa selects Primetals Technologies for plate mill upgrades


Supplied equipment will enable Nucor to produce heavier line pipe gauges
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Three Gorges Dam - A Chinese-German Project of Superlative


Aichelin-Tochter EMA Indutec Supplies Ship Lift in China
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Daye Special Steel To Utilize Pin-Type Bottom Electrode from SMS group


Daye Special Steel To Utilize Pin-Type Bottom Electrode from SMS group in Electric Arc Furnace
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Arlenico Starts Production with MEERdrive®PLUS Block from SMS group


Arlenico Produces Quality Wire Rod with MEERdrive®PLUS Block from SMS group
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"TErrA" Project: thyssenkrupp Steel Is Exploring New Means of Operational Collaboration


Cooperation not competition: a cross-company network creates new opportunities
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APAS inline assistant: Continuous Material Flow without Safety Fence


Automated Logistics Solutions with Product Tracking: Collaborating Robot Secures Flow of Goods
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Additive Manufacturing with Liquid Materials


Evaluation of different additive manufacturing processes with liquids and pastes
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© Unsplash / Aaron Barnaby

Together for innovative mechanical and plant engineering


Commitment to the digital opportunities
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© MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

MAPAL opens second site in Mexico


More production capacity and 100 new jobs
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© Swisslog

Swisslog secures major orders


Applications in China, Austria, and Switzerland
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