Jayshree Machines And Tools



Jayshree Machines & Tools was incorporated on April 12, 1975 as Jayshree Engineers by Dattajirao K. Mohite primarily as an engineering company for the development of special purpose machines required in the textile industry.

The company diversified in the 1980's and started the manufacture of Aluminum Molds for molding Expandable Polystyrene, commonly known as Thermocole in India. Having mastered the mold making technique Jayshree Machines & Tools started the development of the molding machinery. Within a space of two years Jayshree Machines & Tools successfully commissioned two complete EPS processing plants in the city of Mumbai. Jayshree Machines & Tools has not looked back ever since!

Presently the company is headed by Sunil D. Mohite after successfully taking over the complete operations of the company from its founders Dattajirao K. Mohite and Prakash K. Mohite in early 2000. After taking over the operations Sunil Mohite has introduced modern mold making techniques by adopting the latest in CNC metal cutting machines & tools.

We hold a strong quality control system where our experienced engineers discuss each project on various levels right from the concept to the final product. Each procedure is executed as per plan and inspected at various stages to achieve accuracy and maintain delivery schedules.

Jayshree Machines & Tools exports its products to the countries in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and Africa.

In early 2007 Jayshree Machines and tools has developed a novel Foundry Technology foamcast - lost foam metal casting process that uses Expandable Polystyrene as patterns. This technology has been successfully implemented in leading metal casting foundries in India.

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1975 – Company Incorporated by Mr. D. K. Mohite on 12th April 1975
1975 – 1985 Engaged in the manufacture of import substitution critical components for the textile and machine tool industry
1987 – First mold for EPS packaging manufactured
1991 – First EPS molding machine manufactured
1992 – First complete EPS Molding Plant commissioned in Mumbai, India
1999 – Entered EPS Molding after commissioning 12 EPS Molding Plants
2000 – Sunil Mohite joined full time. First mold exported to Iran
2002 – Complete EPS White side molding plant for Lost Foam supplied to a leading foundry in India
2004 – Exited from EPS Molding Business to concentrate on indigenous development of Lost Foam Metal Casting technology
2006 – In-house R&D for Lost Foam Metal Casting technology
2007 – foamcast Lost Foam Metal Casting technology launched in India
2010 – Installed complete Lost Foam Metal Casting Plant for a leading Indian pump manufacturer on Turnkey Basis
2014 - Green field foamcast Lost Foam Metal Casting foundry commissioned at Metoda, Gujrat