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New-type Continuous and High-efficient Low Pressure         Die  Casting Machine & Technology Introduction

HDTD Innovative Technology Description
I. Innovative Holding Furnace Technology

  • Innovative design of the dual-chamber immersion Low Pressure Holding Furnace: the furnace divided into inner & outer double chambers; casting process and al-alloy feeding process independent for each other for the continuous production; pressurizing surface inside is small and low gas consumption is required during casting (75% gas consumption is reduced compared to the traditional Low Pressure Casting Machine); pressurizing with Nitrogen can also be adopted, so the problem of oxidizing slag caused by the cleanliness of the compressed air can be completely eradicated and the clean degree can be greatly improved for the higher qualified casts. If there are many sets of machines, the Nitrogen recycling system can be equipped for lowering the costs.

  • Immersion heater is adopted for both chambers: the heater heats the al-alloy directly with the advantages of highest efficiency, more temperature-control accuracy and lowest energy consumption; life-span of the heater can be longer and al-alloy oxidation can be further decreased. The top heater is reserved as a precaution for the emergency.

  • Out chamber pressure is the same as the atmosphere and will not be pressurized, so al-liquid can be fed into the furnace at any time with no effect for the casting process and the out chamber can be degassed at any time for the pure al-liquid with the degasser to ensure the high quality al-liquid.

  • For adopting the liquid surface set-driving mode of opening & closing automatically, which is greatly convenient for the site production.

  • Compared with the traditional furnace material, adopts the latest top imported aluminum non-sticking materials to further ensure the al-liquid quality to greatly prolong the furnace life span.

  • Furnace Exhaust adopts the waste heat recycling system, which can descend the exhaust temperature to the indoor and the waste heat can be back to the furnace when next filling with the advantages of not only lowering the energy consumption but also greatly prolonging the exhaust system life span.

  • Holding Furnace can elevate vertically and move inside & outside horizontally, which is convenient for replacing the riser tube and furnace cleaning & maintenance.

  • For adopting the refractory materials of imported European technology, the furnace thermal insulation property has been greatly improved. Combining with the bottom immersion heating and other new technologies adopted, the electricity consumption of the whole furnace is decreased by above 60% and daily production energy consumption within 8KW.

  • Electricity power can be saved more than 100 thousand degrees yearly; al-alloy oxidation consumption can be reduced above 3-5 ton yearly; shut-down time can be reduced above 30 hrs yearly; production efficiency can be improved above 15% yearly; oxidation, pinhole and other casting defects can be reduced above 80% yearly. The comprehensive benefits can reach 200-400 thousand per set yearly.

II. Digital Servo Hydraulic Technology Leading the Foundry Industry

  • The servo hydraulic system was firstly promoted by HDTD among the industry and has received the general consent, which has become the necessary technology requirement when customers intend to purchase the machine. HDTD has only used less than two years to spread this technology to be as the industry standard.

  • HDTD servo adopts the optimum comopening time can be shortened to 16S.

  • The energy consumption can be lowered by 50%.

  • Hydraulic pressure flow set and adjustment have been realized by digital, which greatly eased the maintenance adjustment difficulties.

  • Pump life span has been increased by one time.

III. Mechanical Structure Improvement and Innovation

  • Innovative de-mould mechanism to lower oil cylinder temperature, prolong life span and improve de-mould parallelism and stability.

  • Side mould oil cylinder structure for quick mould change, which is casted as whole; solid four steering units; change the mould without adjusting the oil cylinder and only to adjust the contact rod greatly shortened the mould changing time.

  • Independent mechanical safety locks unit and hydraulic lock unit to ensure the equipment safe and reliable.

  • Consolidated jacking contact unit to lower the hidden safety danger caused by the loosen screw.

IV. Multi-media and High Efficiency mould Cooling System

  • Equipped with at most 20 air cooling, high-pressure water cooling and water mist cooling system and applied to all kinds of different mould cooling processes.

  • Enlarged cooling pipe design to ensure the cooling strength.

  • Each cooling channel can realize temperature control, time control and comprehensive control or impulse control suitable for wide processes.

  • Cooling pipes adopts stainless steel seamless tube to avoid pipes being corroded phenomenon and ensure stable running for long term.

  • Flow can be indicated, recorded and monitored on the digital panel, which also adopts specially-made rotor flow meter to realize visual management and monitoring.

  • Cooling turn-on & off adopts cushion valve to reduce the shock to the components and pipes.

  • Each cooling system can observe the pressure and mould pressure of the media source for process management.

  • V. High-accuracy Pressure Control System

VI. Fully Integrated Automation Concept

  • Equipment control system adopts SIEMENS S7-1500 high-end controller with powerful network function to initially ensure the automation system for the whole plant.

  • Equipped with servo manipulators or robots to catch, transfer, cool, remove the flash and other works automatically.

  • Adopts new-type automatic filter-placing device to realize one person can operate many sets of LPDC or person free casting.

  • By means of the internet system, all casting machines can be net-controlled and integrated managed; data will be monitored and recorded by the manager computer and contacts with the top layer ERP system and CIMS system to build the whole plant automation management system.

  • Remote monitor and remote diagnose system: no matter where the engineer or manager locates and there is internet, he / she can monitor, manage and diagnose, maintain the LPDC, casting parameters and etc, which is suitable for the central remote management of the distributed plants.

  • High bandcan self-adjust and control according to the real-time defects feedback codes to realize intellectualization, and greatly contributes to the equipment guaranty of the future intelligent management of the whole plant (IE4.0).

  • There are three plants in China for HDTD (Qinhuangdao Hong Tong Machinery Co., Ltd, JiangSu TianDing Fine Machinery Co., Ltd and JiangSu Lazzero Helium Test Company); having 160 staff team and over 20 ‘s R&D team; sales company, service team and technology research support center established in Euro; agent units set in India and Brazil; Service team in Indonesia. All the above mentioned facilities guarantee HDTD provide professional and optimum products and services for the global customers.

  • Besides leading in the domestic market share rates, HDTD brand Low Pressure Casting Machine has successfully sold more than 40 sets to the overseas markets of Euro, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and others. HDTD has won a good reputation in the industry and become the leading brand among the low pressure casting machine and technology.