ASK Chemicals turned 50

Half a century sustainable solutions from specialists

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Important milestones in the company’s history are the development of the cold box and the inorganic INOTEC technology © ASK Chemicals GmbH

The roots of the present ASK Chemicals GmbH in Hilden, the headquarters of the ASK Chemicals Group, go back to the founding of ADM Giesserei Chemikalien GmbH with participation in Kernfest KG in 1966.

Only four years later, the company changed its name to Ashland-Süd-Chemie-Gießerei-Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG. The two chemical concerns involved, Ashland and Süd-Chemie, agreed on wanting to offer the global foundry industry a joint and comprehensive range of products that usefully complemented each other and shone a light on new and innovative solutions for foundries throughout the world. Hence, Ashland-Süd-Chemie-Gießerei-Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG serviced the market from then on with products for core making and mold sand binders. The company which changed its name again in 1975 to Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH had by then made it its goal to develop and produce innovative and efficient binding agents and refractory coatings.

Solutions for sustainable success

Today – 50 years after the emergence of the company and against a background of changing and growing requirements on foundries and suppliers – ASK Chemicals provides a variety of innovative and technologically sophisticated solutions that bring its customers sustainable success. Solutions that contribute to process safety, casting quality or increased efficiency in production and, most importantly, solutions that are invariably developed in close collaboration with the customer. Consequently, the company has succeeded in recent years in introducing major innovations in the areas of organic and inorganic high-performance binder systems, refractory coatings, and mini-risers and filter systems. With its broad range of foundry consumables, it is making a key contribution to ensuring that the foundry industry can satisfy future ecological and economic demands.

Solutions from the specialist

Even the technical service that ASK Chemicals offers brings foundries real added value because the company provides integrated support for its customers, their processes and projects: from the development of a casting design through to prototype and serial production via validation. The relevant engineering and technology experts of ASK Chemicals possess the right combination of design, production and simulation know-how. Moreover, the international cooperation of the various experienced company teams enable developments in the particular process chain to be customized and fine-tuned to country-specific conditions. Systematic experience is thus available to all customers equally the world over.

A strong partner in future, too

In 2014 ASK Chemicals was acquired by Rhône Capital – “a positive step for the future development of the company,” to quote ASK Chemicals CEO Frank Coenen. “Our owners are providing ASK Chemicals with valuable resources to make our company more successful long-term. To that end, we are deliberately investing in our presence in key markets, in R&D, and in our manufacturing capacities. For only in this way will we be able to offer our customers solutions and services in the future that bring lasting success.”

Source: ASK Chemicals