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Cerazirk ZrO2 Filters For Steel Castings

Draches Cerazrik ZrO2 filter is a ceramic foam filter optimized for steel, superalloy as well as large iron castings. It is characterized by its excellent strength, very good chemical resistance as well as supreme cost-performance ratio. Cerazirk filters are currently applied for all types of steel alloys, production of Ni- and Co-based masteralloys, investment castings as well as large spherical iron castings. Drache offers the filters in all standard sizes as well as customized dimensions. Standard porosity for steel castings is PPI 10, although Drache has the technology to manufacture Cerazirk ZrO2 filters up to PPI 50. In addition to the filter, corresponding DDP feeder sleeves (Drache Direct Pour) for optimized feeding systems are available.

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