Shapeline AB, Linköping

Optical flatness measurement in the Steel and Metal industries

Shapeline AB, Sweden, has released a new, revolutionary flatness sensor – VeriFlat. The new sensor is targeted towards standard applications in steel and metal strip processing and cut-to-length lines. VeriFlat will provide easy to install, cost efficient standard flatness measurement for process control and quality optimization. Typical applications include:

  • Tension and roll leveler control

  • Quality assurance

  • Bundle reports for blanking lines

  • Shape feedback from processing lines to rolling mills.

The gauge measures flatness data, crossbow, I-units, width and off-center. It is pre-calibrated, communicates via Ethernet and has an analog output for direct process control.

The new sensor combines Shapeline’s flatness measurement technology and software, with an ease of installation and operation. The flatness data obtained are described in 3D topographic maps and the results are displayed as cross-profiles, I-units, waves and buckles in accordance with the common flatness standards. In addition, width graphs with tolerance limits are displayed and the sensor can also be used for strip guiding.

VeriFlat is pre-calibrated and extremely straightforward to install, all to minimize installation time and costs. A simple steel-structure is sufficient to support the unit and once power and Ethernet is connected, the powerful software delivers first-class flatness, width and off-center data. The sensor also allows for hassle-free movement between measurement positions in different lines.

VeriFlat is based on Shapeline’s unique and well-proven laser line triangulation technology, with more than 15 years of application knowledge and installations all over the world.

Shapeline AB, Linköping