ALJU-Talleres Alju, S.L.



The company was founded in Bilbao in 1959. Since its inception the founding brothers decided to create a company with their own engineering and product.

So they went from making small equipment for foundry such as furnaces cupola, pouring spoons and molding machines, to acquire and develop the technology to manufacture shot blasting machines and blasting equipment.

Being in the Basque Country, one of the areas with the most steel industry, they did not lack challenges to grow to form the group of companies that form today Alju.

Today, the second generation is the one that pilots the project as heir to the values of its elders and facing the future with the acquired knowledge the bet for the R & D of new products, quality and competitiveness.

In this way Alju has become a leader in engineering, manufacturing and after-sales service of shot blasting machines, blast equipment, environmental emission control equipment and filters, vibrating and natural frequency transport machinery, furnace loaders and vibrating equipment.

All of this would not be possible without the human team of workers, employees, suppliers and customers whom we thank for years of successful relationships and with whom we want to share many more years of success.

Come, visit and celebrate it with us.

You are welcome.

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