Electrotherm (India) Ltd.

Electrotherm Company Profile

A young Electrical Engineer Mr.Mukesh Bhandari wanted to change the world of secondary steelmaking through Induction route in early ‘80s. The world opposed, but he had a purpose, a clear vision and strong determination. He established Electrotherm (India) for manufacturing Induction Melting Furnaces, which were used only in foundry industry till then. He customized it for steelmaking application, a move that was even denounced by all other contemporary induction furnace manufacturers. Today, around 70 million tons of steel is produced through Induction route around the world, thanks to the initiatives of Electrotherm. And no wonder all those who were opposed to steelmaking through Induction route had no alternative but to follow the suit, or vanished eventually.

The journey of Electrotherm that began in 1983 was based on openness for ideas, eagerness to innovate, supplemented by in-house research & development and focus on customer-centric product and process development. Electrotherm kept designing and manufacturing larger capacities furnaces, suitable refining equipment like ladle furnaces and metal refining konverters, high speed continuous casting machine and various gadgets for improving productivity and quality of steel produced. It incorporated mechanized charging system and high-end plant automation with SCADA and DCS for reducing dependency on manpower, introduced proper fume capturing and de-dusting system for making steel plant through Induction Furnace route a cleaner affair.

‘Always innovate for a better tomorrow’ has not only been the mission of the company, it has been the way of life all through its journey. After developing larger capacity melting furnaces, refining and casting equipment, Electrotherm once again raised the bar on technological front by launching DIFOC® based DTi series of Induction Furnaces in March 2017. This significantly superior product, the most energy efficient induction furnace in the world, has positively impacted steelmaking segment (through induction furnace route) in the country and around the world lowering the cost of steelmaking substantially and enhancing productivity as well.   

Turnkey projects through Induction Furnace route was another giant leap Electrotherm took as early as in year 2000 when it executed a mini steel plant project in Zimbabwe. Since then it has made several turnkey projects for steelmaking in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda, Algeria and several other countries around the world. Other manufacturers have again no alternative but to follow the path, sooner or later!

Today, Electrotherm is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, public limited business conglomerate with interest in Engineering, Steel, Ductile Iron Pipe, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Transformer, Transmission Line Tower, Education, etc. It is the first company in India to make battery operated two-wheelers in line with company’s commitment towards environment. 'No Engine No Pollution' is the philosophy behind it, and in order to promote green energy initiative of the nation, it established Renewable Energy division as well.

The Engineering & Projects (E&P) division of Electrotherm, which caters to the needs of steelmaking, foundry and heat treatment industry, is particularly renowned for providing end-to-end total solutions for steelmaking plants up to 1 MTPA capacity through various alternative routes, supplying sturdy and highly efficient plant and machinery supplemented by best in the industry after-sales-services to its customers around the world. It has installed its equipment in 56 countries spread over four continents with major focus on Middle East Asia, African Continent and Indian Sub-continent. Moreover, Electrotherm (E&P) is the only Indian company having CE marking for its Induction Furnaces, LRF and MRK, certified by UL Laboratories, USA for export to European countries.

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