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Leak-free Protector™ - Hose Line with crimped fittings

Hoses are components of great relevance to safety, and if leaks occur due to the hose slipping off the sleeve this can cause major damage and injuries. This means that a secure hose, without any leaks, makes for high standards of operational safety and reliability, as well as avoiding cost-intensive system shutdowns.

In our own in-house specialist workshop, with experienced and highly trained personnel, we press the most widely differing types of fittings into the shape of the female component or the male screw fittings made of brass, as well as flanges with special ferrules made of material 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10).

The stainless steel ferrules are rust-resistant and electrically non-conductive.
This makes them ideally suited for our non-conductive cooling water hoses, such as our Protector™- Electric-Hoses.

The pressing is the most important step in the assembly process. The stainless steel ferrules are specially adapted for our Protector™- Electric-Hose, as well as for our electric hose blue/black. The right choice of chucks guarantees all-round positive fit pressing of the fittings.

The special radius of the profiles of the individual chuck and jaw segments achieves optimum material shaping, and the defined pressing dimension guarantees secure operation of the hose for working pressures of 10 bar.
The securely pressed fitting provides a clean and smooth press image.

Due to the perfectly matched system – hose – fitting – ferrule – we can provide reliable, safe hoses in the sector of electrically non-conductive cooling water hoses for induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces (EAF), and ladle heating furnaces (LHF), as well as for ESR systems.

- No hose slippage
- No leaks
- High operational safety
- No damage and failure of hoses due to subsequent detachment of clamps
- Long working life
- No shotdown of production due to leaks
Function range:
Induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces (EAF), and ladle heating furnaces (LHF), ESR systems, converters and other inductively-operated hardening and forming systems.

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