United Cast Bar Group Ltd.

New Extraction system in Spain

Through the summer of 2018, project and system design began for the installation of new extraction system in our Spanish Foundry, Cast Profil. Stricter guidelines and controls are being required for manufacturing businesses like UCB, for cleaner and safer operating environments.

The new system was designed and built by a specialised manufacturer from Germany with more than 75 years of work experience in the construction of air pollution control systems – Luehr Filter. Based on our specifications they were able to develop a process-related solution that totally meets current and potential future regulations on dust and noise pollution. Luehr Filter has been supported by the Spanish company IMIG in the construction and initialisation of the equipment.

During the December holidays, the new extraction system was installed, in time and on schedule for the New Year start up in January.

“We are really pleased to have worked with such a strong International Partner for the design and implementation of this system. We have achieved a significant improvement in the working environment and can hope to meet and exceed the future environmental standards.” (James Brand, Foundries Director UCB)

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