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Heat protection is our excellence

We manufacture according to your needs: protective curtains, protection blankets, filled heat protection cushions, fire resistant mats and protective sleevings made of the high temperature resistant textiles of our large product range which cover a temperature area from +350°C up to +1200°C.

We are able to implement complex geometries in our own sewing department and we use as possible fastening types a flame-retardant Velcro® tape in 25 mm and  50 mm width, press studs and rotary swivel.

For protective curtains and heat protection blankets, we can insert eyelets with a diameter of 12 mm and 25 mm in order to suspend or fix them.

You can find more information about our high-temperature-resistant textiles on our homepage or in our separate brochures.
In addition, we are would be pleased to provide you with technical advice.
Please ask our qualified staff.

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