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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.01  Material groups
  • 01.01.001  Grey cast iron
  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.01  Material groups
  • 01.01.002  Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.02  Production processes
  • 01.02.003  Permanent mould casting
  •  Continuous casting

Continuous casting

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.013  Bushes
  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.032  Hydraulic castings

Hydraulic castings

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.046  Compressor components

Compressor components

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.073  Rods (continuously cast material)

Rods (continuously cast material)

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.083  Round rods

Round rods

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.097  Piston, Rods

Piston, Rods

Our products

Product category: Grey cast iron

High silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron

With the new edition of DIN EN 1563 – Spheroidal graphite cast irons – a new group of materials was included in the standard: high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron. This material concept is now also used in the continuous-cast production.

Whereas conventional spheroidal graphite cast iron materials achieve higher strengths through an increased pearlite content, thanks to the alloy the high silicon materials have an even, mainly ferritic structure strengthened by mixed crystals.

For their respective strength the materials have high elongation at fracture values. With the same strength they provide approximately twice as much elongation at fracture as conventional ferritic pearlite materials. With the same strength the yield strengths are considerably higher than for the ferritic pearlite GJS materials.

The advantages of high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron:

  • High yield strength and high elongation to fracture opens up considerable potential for light construction
  • Even distribution of hardness and strength
  • Good machining properties
  • High dimensional stability of the workpieces during machining
  • Less tool wear

Conclusion: if design-technical properties such as yield point, vibrational strength, ductility and good machinability are required, high silicon materials in the form of continuous-cast products provide real alternatives and new opportunities.

Above all with regard to

  • light construction
  • substitution of steel materials
  • standardisation of continuous-cast materials
  • shorter machining times
  • longer tool lives
  • higher and reproducible continuous-cast and workpiece quality,

with its standardised or client-specific continuous-cast products made of high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron, ACO Eurobar GmbH offers economic solutions not only for the production of individual components but also for small, medium and large-scale series production.

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Product category: Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Machining of concast iron

As our customers demands grow more sophisticated, so do our challenges: specific product properties, uncompromising quality, speed, and of course a great measure of economic efficiency – these are the framework conditions of our daily work.

We supply our customers within the shortest possible time with quality concast iron in crude or semi-finished (machined) state.

We offer 4 different options of machining concast iron:

  • Sawing
  • Turning/drilling
  • Milling
  • Ultrasonic/magnetic-particle examination

Ultra-modern equipment including fully automated milling machines, CNC lathes, and robot-assisted manufacturing cells permits us to realise tailored solutions within any tolerances specified by our customers.

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Product category: Continuous casting

Casting without limit

With a melting capacity of 75,000 tons per year ACO Guss GmbH of Kaiserslautern is one of Europe’s leading foundries. Such a quantity conveys safety. However, we want to convince you with an aggregate comprising quality, speed, flexibility, and development competence. A member of the ACO Group, ACO Eurobar GmbH has been selling the eponymous quality continuous castings across Europe for years.
At our Kaiserslautern site, we produce grey and spherolitic-iron castings in a modern medium-frequency melting operation.
Our investments in the latest system technology enable us to deliver classic crude bars. We are proud to state that ACO Eurobar ® is the first choice of many customers where concast bars are concerned.

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Product category: Bushes

ACO Eurobar now also with peeled continuous-cast material

Advantage of the peeling process: it offers the possibility of very quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively peeling off the machining allowance of the continuous-cast rods. This is often a favourable alternative to machining on a lathe, because the turning process lasts considerably longer and for large series this frequently means considerable handling effort and expense.

Considerable saving potentials are also achieved for manufacturing large series of bushings, because the outer skin can be very quickly and hence cost-effectively removed, which can also make the final product much cheaper.

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Product category: Hydraulic castings

Ultrasonic examination

Modern inspection technologies and qualified staff enable ACO Eurobar to run ultrasonic examinations on crude as well as machined concast bars. Implemented as part of the production process, these examinations are carried out in conformance with the ACO Eurobar® factory standard, which reflects applicable DIN standards.

Magnetic-particle test

This test serves to identify cracks in or close to the surface. First, the workpiece is magnetised with a hand-held magnet. Cracks can be identified with the aid of magnetic and fluorescent iron-powder particles.

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Product category: Compressor components


Our fully automated milling centres are designed for both drilling and thread-cutting. Their swivelling milling heads are capable of machining concast bars on four as well as six sides. This enables us to conform to pre- or finish-machining dimensions within the tolerances specified by the customer.

Moreover, ACO Eurobar® has the technical equipment and qualified staff required to inspect all materials by ultrasonic or magnetic-particle examination in conformance with applicable DIN standards.

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Product category: Rods (continuously cast material)

Versatile in application

The density of concast iron is extremely high compared to that of liquids and gases. Clean, sand-free surfaces and fine uniform microstructures make for markedly reduced tool wear and much shorter machining times compared to steel. Our integrated quality assurance system ensures conformance with ACO's stringent quality standards with the aid of leading-edge test methods, such as monitoring by vacuum spectrometry and thermal analysis.

For an overview of concast iron applications in a variety of industries, click here.

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Product category: Round rods


Our standard equipment includes modern CNC lathes for manufacturing turned sections, bushings, and machined rotosymmetric parts.

Furthermore, there are conventional lathes for pre-machining round bars. Tools for drilling core holes permit making bushings up to 1,200 mm in length.

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Product category: Piston, Rods


The warehouse of ACO Eurobar holds a permanent stock of 5,000 to 6,000 tons of crude rounds and squares made of EN-GJL-250C, EN-GJS-500-7C and EN-GJS-600-3C In addition, materials like EN-GJS-400-18C-LT and EN-GJS-700-2C may be made on request, and EN-GJL-250C may be converted into EN-GJL-150C and EN-GJS-500-7C into EN-GJS-400-15C by annealing. Additional dimensions and qualities are available on request. Ask us about it! Concast bars are theoretically endless. Therefore, they are cut to appropriate lengths. Bars kept in stock are generally 2 and 3 metres long. On request, however, any length is available.

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About us

Company details

ACO Eurobar – Continuous casting specialist

ACO Eurobar GmbH has been selling its top quality concast bars under the brand name ACO Eurobar® throughout Europe for years. Continuous investment in the latest systems technologies enable us to supply classic crude as well as pre-machined concast bars.

In conformance with our own elaborated factory standard and dedicated technical documentation ACO Eurobar sells high-grade concast bars of grey and spherolitic iron – following DIN EN 16482. ACO Eurobar is specialised in turning, milling, drilling and sawing quality concast bars.

ACO Guss – producing parent company with advanced foundry technology located in the heart of Europe

ACO Eurobar GmbH is a subsidiary of ACO Guss GmbH, one of Europe’s leading foundries, looking back on experience and tradition accumulated since the 19th century. Our high-tech production plant in Kaiserslautern has a melting capacity of 75,000 tons per year and approximately 240 employees working both in the machine and hand moulding area as well as in the continuous casting unit.

As a member of the ACO Group, headquartered in Northern Germany, in Büdelsdorf near Rendsburg, we are part of a strong and healthy family-owned enterprise.

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