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Bao Ming

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

No. 13, Ganbei Road, Ehu Town
214117 Wuxi City, China



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According to the mold casting material casting for sand casting and metaltype. Sand casting is a sand as the main material, make the traditional mould casting process. General use of the gravity casting sand, there are special requirements can be used when the low pressure casting,centrifugal casting process. The metal mold casting is the modernproduction process of casting mold with heat-resistant alloy steel. Metaltype can use gravity casting, also can use the pressure casting. Metalpressure casting in casting machine is currently the highest production efficiency of casting process. Casting mold metal mold can be used repeatedly, each cast once a casting, die life is very long, the production efficiency is very high. Metal castings not only good dimension precision,surface finish, and pouring liquid metal in the same condition, the castingintensity higher than sand. Therefore, in the mass production of smallcastings, non-ferrous metal casting, as long as the melting point of material is not too high, generally preferred metal mould casting.However, the metal mold casting also has some shortcomings: because the price is high heat resistant alloy steel material, and processing the hollow wheel are relatively expensive, so the metal mold is not cheap.For single or small batch production, is allocated to each product on themould cost is high, the general is not easy to accept. Because the die metal processing equipment, mold material by size and cavity castingequipment capacity constraints, so it is incapable of action for largecastings. Therefore in small batch and big production, rarely using the metal mold casting. In addition, the metal mould while using heat-resistant alloy steel, but the heat capacity is still limited, generally used for casting aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, has been seldom used in copper alloy casting, and even fewer for ferrous metal casting.

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Wuxi City Bao Ming Precision Casting Co., Ltd., plant about 5000 square meters, covers an area of 10 mu, about 50 employees, enterprisededicated to the production of carbon steel, stainless steel materials,precision casting and finished product, using water glass lost waxprocess advanced, investment casting is a large-scale professional production base, set plant and machinery processing factory precision casting as a whole, the annual production of precision casting and all kinds of precision casting products 300 tons, mainly exported to Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries.The company is located in Taihu coast of goose lake, not only has a full set of production facilities and equipment: waxing machine, coating equipment, dewaxing facilities, intermediate frequency electric furnace,sintering furnace, tempering furnace, electric welding machine, argon welding machine, shot blasting machine, lathe, planer, milling machine,pressing machine, is also provided with a detecting equipment of theindustry leading: spectrum analyzer, tensile test machine, etc.. Theequipment can ensure to provide customers the final finished castingparts with high precision, and can meet the requirements of customers,physicochemical properties of materials such as a full range of precisionmeasurement.

The product application scope of the company is very extensive,covering almost the whole equipment manufacturing industry and machinery manufacturing industry the application fields, mainly include:shipping, food machinery, pump and valve etc.. Management systemprocess and operation of the company through the ISO9001 quality certification. Proficient in implementation of the national standard (GB),American Standard (AISI), Japanese standard (JIS). The applicationmaterials mainly 25 steel, 304 steel, 316 steel, 316L steel.

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1-9 Mio US $

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