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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.04  Moulding and core making machines, accessories
  • 05.04.08  Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories

Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories

  • 17  Pattern and die making
  • 17.03  Pattern equipment, permanent moulds and accessories
  • 17.03.02  Permanent moulds, gravity dies

Permanent moulds, gravity dies

  • 05  Sinters
  • 05.05  Sintered products, metallic

Sintered products, metallic

Our products

Product category: Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories


MeltVents-KT patterns can be manufactured in a way that their slots follow the cavity geometry. It is a unique advantage that allows increasing the casting parts quality, even in the most complex areas in the mold.

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Product category: Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories


The super tapered slots hinder the entrapment of saind grains inside them, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.

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Product category: Permanent moulds, gravity dies


Ventistamp achieved excellent results producing the MeltVents-KT pattern in Bronze-Aluminum Alloy. It is a high performance alloy because it has:

• Great resistance to high temperature, for this reason, it is also used in the manufacturing of injection pistons of the aluminum injectors.

• A higher thermal conductivity when compared to Stainless Steel Alloys (approximately 250% higher). This feature allows the vent to accelerate the aluminum cooling process, what reduces the aluminum fluidity and avoids its penetration into the slots..

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About us

Company details

In the mid-late 80s it was developed in the European Market a vent model that presented a groundbreaking technique characteristic, called self-cleaning. Translating this to the product, it meant the changing of the internal region of the vents slots adding them only a 5 ° angle. This technical aspect provided significant gain for foundries that until then had never achieved results such less downtime for machine cleaning and great improvement in the sand cores surface finish through their vents.

Aligned to this new technological reality, Valdir Zanatta and Jeanlis Brito Zanatta were willing to go throw their main challenge as entrepreneurs: develope self-cleaning vents that could overcome the imported vents performance. So Ventistamp Metallurgical was founded in 1995 as an answer to this scenario.

By using the casting process for manufacturing the vents, Ventistamp became a pioneer in the development of an exclusive internal competence, which was able to revolutionize the concept of venting tools, because it joined maximum sand clogging resistance, greater durability and competitive prices in one product.

Because of this technological evolution vents began to called Super Self-Cleaning by presenting not only a 5° angle as the European models, but a 35° taper now.

Currently Ventistamp Metallurgical is the biggest manufacturer of high technology ventilation systems in South America and also intends to gain such leadership in North America, offering solutions to foundries that produce sand cores and molds and also to those that produce aluminum pieces using permanent mold through gravity or pressure pouring.

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