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TOSB Otomotiv Yan Sanay Ihtisas Organize, San. Bölg. 1.Cd 14. Sk No:6 Sekerpinar, 41420 Cayirova - Kocaeli
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Nonferrous metal castings - Aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, nickel and other nonferrous metal foundries
  • 02.02  Production processes
  • 02.02.003  Pressure die casting
  •  Conventional pressure die casting

Conventional pressure die casting

Our products

Product category: Conventional pressure die casting

Melting and Casting

The basic factors of the success for the manufacturing with the high pressure die casting method are:

• Fast manufacturing,

• Sustainable quality and

• Maximum productivity.

The only way to succeed is the standardization of tens of variable parameters at an optimum level and, the monitoring the process outputs. We, at ÇELİKEL, are based on these principles for the successful management and, provide the same sensitivity to each piece from 0.25 grs to 15 kgs.

The melting department of ÇELİKEL Aluminum designed at the success-oriented manufacturing principles:

• is equipped with the machines enabling to melt 4 different alloy types at the same time and

• has the capacity of melted aluminum of 180 tons per day ready for the Die Casting Process.


Our high pressure die casting department is

• managed through thermo-regulators and jet cooling equipment for the ideal molding temperature,

• equipped with thermal monitoring systems for the sustainability,

• equipped with real-time injection systems enabling shot to shot variations below 1% and, multi axis spraying and dosing furnaces in robotized cells

Surface Finishing Processes consist of:

• surface finishing area equipped with vibration and washing units enabling sandblasting through tunnel type, drum type or linear drum type devices and,

• furnaces and equipment for the hear treatment and aging processes.

All the manufacturing processes are completely under control in our business with a capacity of up to 40 tons and 90,000 parts per day and, nearly perfect rate of scrap (1.5%).

Apart from all these, 8 cell manufacturing areas enabling an opportunity for the investment up to 2000 tons of machine capacity is the obvious indication that ÇELİKEL is ready for growing and developing…

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About us

Company details

Çelikel Aluminium Die Casting has been established by our beloved father Osman Deniz who was passed away in 2013. Our production journey has started with gravity casting and sand casting in a workshop of 16m2. Afterwards, these casting methods have been given up and turned to high pressure die casting with the addition of the first injection machine machine to our production line in 1974.

In 1996, Çelikel Aluminium has moved to Samandira Plant, with the total area of 17.000 m2. When it was 2002, we were capable of machining the parts, that we have casted. From the beginning of 2013, we have been operating in our new facility of 24.000 m2 in TAYSAD Organize Industrial Zone with the net production capacity of 12.000 ton annually by our current machinery, while our target is to reach 30.000 ton annually with the investment plan of the new high pressure die casting machines in near future.

As Çelikel Aluminium, 75% of our production of casting parts consist of lighting, elecktronics and engine components for automotive industry, while the remaining 25% is dedicated to home appliances’ components.

Aluminium with its low density, conductivity, corrosion resistance and being able to recycle, has an increasing demand from many different industries every passing year. Today, Çelikel Aluminium with almost 50 years of experience and knowledge on the die casting, has reflected its eco-innovative vision to its production and ready to meet the growing demand, especially in the automotive industry.

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