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Deguisa S.L.U.

Polígono Industrial Saratxo s/n, 01470 Amurrio (Alava)
Telephone +34 945 891912
Fax +34 945 892076

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand G03

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 5


Beatriz Barandica

Associate General Director

(+34) 659 571 853


Josu Argote

International Sales Manager
Steelworks Department

(+34) 629 985 617


Ander Perez

Combustion Manager Division
Combustion Department

(+34) 646 054 443


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.05  Components, ancillary equipment
  • 10  Electrical engineering and process control technology
  • 10.02  Process control technology and automation

Process control technology and automation

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.06  Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Our products

Product category: Components, ancillary equipment, Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Steel mills refractories and auxiliary equipment

Deguisa is present in the main steel groups of the national and international market supplying the refractory materials associated with the different equipment that integrates a steel mill as well as the NOVALCO own sliding valve system.

Types of refractory elements for Steell mills:

- Laddles: Steel mill’s laddles are used to transport molten metal from the furnace to the casting area. Deguisa manufactures a wide variety of components and refractory elements that can be adapted to the laddle of every steel plant. Shaped and non-shaped refractory products are supplied in different qualities to optimize performance based on the different grades of steel produced. Products for Laddles (Roof laddle and roof laddle heater / Refractory laddle flange / Refractory purging systems / Plug fixing systems / NOVALCO sliding gate mechanism / Wellfiller sand / Refractory concrete / Sealing mass for refractory joints)

- Tundish: The tundish is a container of large dimensions that receives the steel from the laddle prior to its introduction into the continuous casting machine. Tundish are highly responsible facilities within the casting process of molten steel, because they are subjected to high temperatures continuously and failure of them involves not only the production sequence, but also the safety of the plant. For this reason, Deguisa manufactures highly reliable products that guarantee the quality and purity of the steel produced as well as the integrity of the installation. Products for Tundish (Isostatically pressed refractory / Tundish roof cover / Security or permanent tundish lining / Dams and tundish walls / Plates for tundish sliding gate / Tundish heating / Special pieces for horizontal continuous casting)

- Electric arc furnace: Electric Arc Furnaces are installations that apply electrical energy through electrodes for melting metal scrap. Deguisa offers shaped refractory solutions that are part of the refractory components  of an EAF (Electric Arc Furnace).
Products for Electric arc furnace (Electric arc furnace roof / Furnace gate / Furnace outlet spouts)

- Induction furnace: Induction furnaces apply magnetic fields for melting steel and other metals, demanding a rigorous control of the process. Deguisa developes refractory products with high added value for the steel induction furnace, which due to the particularities of the process must have additional quality requirements. Products for Induction furnace (Induction furnace roof / Induction furnace spout / Induction furnace pushing block / Working lining)

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Foundries refractories

The most important smelters of Spain rely on Deguisa to perform the lining of the maximum responsibility productive equipment and be able to reach the demanding requirements of the markets.

Types of refractory elements for Foundries:

 - Iron: Iron induction furnace refractory / Materials for cupola furnace lining / Channel furnace lining / Refractories for casting units or presspours / Refractories for casting laddles

 - Steel: Steel induction furnace materials / Laddle refractories / Electric arc furnaces refractories

 - Aluminium: Melting tower refractories / Reverberatory furnace refractories / Rotary furnace refractories / Laddle refractories /    Launders refaractories / High resistance pieces

 - Non-ferrous: Non ferrous induction furnace refractory / Non ferrous casting unit lining / addle and transfer elements lining

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Product category: Process control technology and automation

Combustion and control sytem equipment

The combustion and control system equipment can be one of the most critical aspects of a manufacturing process. Deguisa has collaborated and developed projects with the most recognized companies in the market including the most diverse areas of activity that use heating systems in their processes.
Deguisa analyzes all the variables related to the production process and, based on the accumulated experience through years , helps its clients to achieve the level of competitiveness demanded by the market by optimizing the efficiency of heat transfer with the most advanced technology.
- Combustion and control engineering: Deguisa helps to solve any combustion demand adapted to each client and their supporting in new projects (Process automation / New installations / Tailor made solutions to every need / Equipment revamping)

- Equipment fine tune and technical assistance: Deguisa provides services for helping to improve equipment performance and on site technical assistance (Problem shooting / Starting up / Equipment maintenance / Equipment installation)

- Consulting services: Deguisa provides combustion and control systems experience and specific knowledge to analyse and support any project required by the client (Feasibility studies / Regulatory compliance audit / Installation thermal analysis / Optimization projects)

- Components and spare parts: Deguisa offers all kind of components and spare parts for any combustion and control system (Fans and blowers / valves / regulator / actuators / accesories)

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About us

Company portrait

More than 50 years developing engineering to serve the industry. Experts in refractory materials and combustion and control systems.

Deguisa is a company dedicated to the engineering, design and manufacture of refractory linnings and combustion and control equipment. It also has qualified personnel to provide technical assistance and start-up services in any installation that requires industrial thermal processes at different temperatures.

To maintain leadership in a highly competitive market, deguisa works on the constant improvement and updating of its products and services as well as the search for new solutions to meet the strict requirements of continuously evolving customers.

Deguisa focuses its efforts on expanding its knowledge, in a recurrent manner, to have its own industrial culture and consolidate its technological independence.