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Beda Oxygentechnik Armaturen GmbH

An der Pönt 59, 40885 Ratingen
Telephone +49 2102 9109-0
Fax +49 2102 17742

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand C25

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Plant and equipment for iron making
  • 02.04  Components, ancillary equipments
  • 02  Plant and equipment for iron making
  • 02.05  Burden plant, coal injection plant

Burden plant, coal injection plant

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.05  Components, ancillary equipment
  • 05  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • 05.05  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

Our products

Product category: Components, ancillary equipments

Oxygen lancing equipment - highest safety - best cost efficiency

Integrated safety management is becoming more and more widespread. Accordingly, we no longer define ourselves only as a supplier of high-quality oxygen lancing equipment, but as a service and know-how provider that supports its oxygen safety customers efficiently and comprehensively, so that the goals in the field of oxygen safety can be secured. We are happy to show you our new technical developments. But at this occasion we should also talk about the potential benefits that are being opened up by consistent standardization and a comprehensive security concept.

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

BEDA Argon stirring equipment - good for your process - good for your cash

Ladle stirring with argon or nitrogen has now taken hold worldwide. Here, too, it turns out that a fundamentally simple idea only experiences successful implementation in practice if it takes place on a well thought-out, tried-and-tested technical basis. Many users continue to underestimate the problems that result from leaks on the stirring gas supply strand. It's not just about the savings potential in argon consumption and the life of the porous plugs. Process safety is much more important, because you cannot measure the stirring gas losses at the ladle or compensate for them. But you can eliminate those losses. And with it, the significant risks to work safety. We'll show you how!

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

High performance safety devices for EAF burners

The electric arc furnace continues to evolve. The safe supply of oxygen and fuelgas to high-performance burners now plays a crucial role in achieving the highest possible output. This makes it all the more important that components such as safety devices keep up to these requirements and ensure the best possible mix of safety and performance. BEDA high-performance backups at the EAF. Come and get your update on this issue.

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About us

Company portrait

BEDA was founded 50 years ago in a small village near Duisburg in the center of the German steel industry - the Ruhr area. Many of the nearby steelworks used oxygen-lance equipment, which at that time were simple products, made in the workshops of the steelworks.

This equipment was often leaking and many accidents were caused by sudden inflammation of oxygen. As a result, many employees suffered severe burn injuries (on their hands and face).

BEDA became the first company in the world to produce lance holders, safety devices and special valves for oxygen.

These new BEDA products were "high-tech products" compared to the homemade products and offered a better handling and the highest safety.

The steady contact with the steel mills led to a continuous improvement of the products, which met the exact requirements of the steelmaking engineers.

Against this background, our young Company grew steadily, developed patents and offered its customers excellent customer service.

Thus, BEDA Oxygentechnik became Europe's leading manufacturer of oxygen lance equipment and is today the world leader in oxygen lance equipment.