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Purmetall GmbH & Co. KG Refractories, Ladle Well Fillers and Synthetic Slags

Postfach 101252, 46012 Oberhausen
Niebuhrstr. 57, 46049 Oberhausen
Telephone +49 208 85002-0
Fax +49 208 85002-31

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand E02

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 5


Johannes Greinacher

Managing Director

+49 171 6951970


Malte Janssen

Head of Technical Sales and Service

+49 175 2623620


Francisco Sanchez

Head of Sales Department

+49 173 5971579


Tim Breitzmann

Sales Manager

+49 151 22778453


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Our range of products

Product categories

Our products

Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials, Consulting, design, service and engineering

100 % Opening Rate // LADLE WELL FILLER // Addition Station

Thanks to our long-standing commitment to scientific research and our close customer relationships, PURMETALL now has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing ladle well fillers. In 2018, we produced more than 25.000 tons of ladle well fillers and delivered them to our customers around the globe. 

The ideal procedure for adding ladle well filler into the ladle’s casting channel often remains unclear. Manual addition is no longer considered up-to date, as it causes time and material losses – in addition to the fact that occupational safety is compromised. If the ladle well filler is not applied accurately it often does not reach the necessary areas, and prevents the ladle from opening without problems.

PURMETALL’s engineering team specialises in creating custom-tailored technical solutions for dosing and applying ladle well fillers. Taking all relevant factors into consideration, our engineers plan, produce and install perfectly designed stations for adding ladle well fillers.

Our winning formula: Together with our customers, our engineers select the best possible ladle well filler. Furthermore, we collaborate with our customers to develop a concept for their ladle well filler dosing station. We engineer and install it and ensure that it is operating correctly.

Contact us today to set up an appointment at the METEC 2019!

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials, Consulting, design, service and engineering

Slag Pot Pro(cessing) // SLAG SPRAY PRO // Slag Pot Gunning Manipulator

Slag pots used in steelworks are often overlooked – an unjustly so! Slag pot maintenance and repairs involve high costs and require a lot of time that could actually be saved. When using slag pots, we have often observed the following problems:  

  • Emptying the pots: slag and skulls get stuck in the pots which requires extra machinery to remove residue
  • Warping of pots
  • Steel residue in the slag, damage to the slag pot caused by molten steel
  • Repairing the slag pot results in high costs, requires personnel and reduces the slag pot’s availability and time in use.
PURMETALL has developed a unique solution for managing slag pots. This concept is based on the use of our newly created product, Slagspray PRO, which the slag pot is sprayed with. Slagspray PRO works as an easy-release coating as well as an insulating mass. This enables the skulls to drop out without using any mechanical force. Slagspray PRO‘s insulating properties make sure that the slag pot does not get as hot. Therefore, the pot’s lifespan is extended and warping is significantly reduced – along with the amount of maintenance that is required.

The product’s application in the slag pot can be performed with a conventional gunning machine. Upon request it is also possible to fully automate this procedure.

If desired, the application can also be performed with a slag pot manipulator, which automatically sprays the product onto the inside of the pot.

We will be happy to present our new slag pot concept to you at the METEC 2019! Let us know if you are interested.

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials, Consulting, design, service and engineering

Quick & Safe Shapes // ALUSOL CAST //Continuous Mixer

As our focus lies on occupational safety, PURMETALL has developed a concept for producing explosion-proof components. Our product, Alusol Cast, has just been introduced to the market and offers numerous advantages in comparison to conventional concrete.

Customer benefits:

  • Significantly shorter warming-up period
  • Lower energy usage
  • Less time and steel required
  • Faster availability
  • Greatly extended lifespans
The continuous mixer uniquely designed for Alusol Cast provides the ideal method for transporting the material and ensures that layers do not build up, which prevents weak spots from forming in the component. This process guarantees the perfect composition of Alusol Cast and SolGel binding materials. The machine’s design draws on PURMETALL’s expertise and can be rented or purchased by our customers.

We will be happy to present our new Alusol concept to you at METEC 2019! Just let us know if you are interested.

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About us

Company portrait

Wherever liquid Steel is being generated and processed, refractory linings provide high-performance protection for both employees and facilities.  Regardless of relining or repairing, our products have been known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology for more than 60 years.

PURMETALL develops, manufactures and distributes refractories, ladle well fillers, synthetic slags and covering powders for the global steel industry. We work together closely with our customers until we find the optimal solution, specially designed to meet each customer’s unique needs. Our highly qualified team is always ready to help you.

PURMETALL is a mid-sized company that is rich in tradition, whose cutting-edge manufacturing technology is the highest quality. Thanks to the fact that PURMETALL’s production, research and development departments and administrative offices are all at one centralised location, we can provide very fast reaction times and top quality to our customers.

Our product portfolio not only includes unique products, but also custom-tailored concepts, that we develop together with our clients. Our key products are:

  • Ladle well fillers: customized to meet each customer’s needs
  • Refractory materials, such as Al2O3 and MgO-based castables (refractory castables, dry and ready-to-use mortars, repair materials, ramming pastes, permanent and wear linings, etc.)
  • Pre-cast shapes
  • Synthetic slags and insulating covering powders
  • Engineering
  • Machines and manipulators
  • Service
Would you like to learn more about our products, concepts and innovations? Then come and visit our tradeshow booth at the METEC 2019!

Company data

Export content max. 75%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1956
Area of business Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills