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GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand D61

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GIFA 2019 fairground map: Hall 11

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Product categories

  • 18  Control systems
  • 18.02  Control equipment, automation technology

Control equipment, automation technology

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.01  Measuring instruments
  • 19.01.02  Thermal analysis equipment
  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.03  Testing of materials and workpieces
  • 19.03.01  Tightness testers

Tightness testers

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.06  Quality control
  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.04  Software for business and process data capture

Software for business and process data capture

  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.05  Quality assurance software

Quality assurance software

Our products

Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Probing, Monitoring & Setting

Marposs offers solutions and equipment that make your machine tool an instrument of unprecedented precision, productivity and reliability. Touch probes and laser-based tool setters hold the cutting process accuracy in check. Our balancing actuators and many dedicated sensors guarantee that your machine tool's functional processes never deviate from their specified set points.

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Product category: Thermal analysis equipment

Testing & Automation

There is an increasing need for certified product conformity across very many industrial sectors. The efficient combination of automation and testing is Marposs’ answer to that need. We offer a seamless integration of our test technologies into the customer’s process. As well, we guarantee the unparalleled efficacy and reliability of multiple and concurrent testing techniques such as non-destructive inspection, machine vision and leak testing.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology


Marposs' gauging technologies encompass all the solutions available to today's industrial applications and needs. From the sturdiness and reliability of the more traditional contact-electronic, air-to-electronic and attribute-gauging to the flexibility and adaptability of contactless measurement and digital scanning.

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Product category: Thermal analysis equipment

TTV “Total Thermal Vision” - Infrared vision technology

Marposs has always invested in research and development for the production of innovative solutions: at GIFA 2019 it will present the Total Thermal Vision (TTV) for the die casting production control and the process digitalization in the foundry.

The temperature distribution on the surface of the mould is the key issue for maintaining an efficient process with high quality levels. Shrinking during hardening, porosity, cracks and bubbles: many defects are caused by out-of-range temperatures or non-optimised distribution.

The average die casting cycles usually is between 20 and 90 seconds. In such a short time temperature distribution is fundamental to ensure a correct solidification with no defects.

Marposs Total Thermal Vision is specifically designed to provide an effective solution for the distribution of the temperature on the mould surface, but not only that. This new technology allows real-time storage of thermographic images and related temperature data. This optimises both the die casting process and the quality control.

Without affecting the cycle time, Total Thermal Vision monitors the die temperature distribution for every shot: in case it is not correct it gives early alarms to avoid to create defective die cast. TTV system can be integrated into the MES of the plant, so is the key to access the Industry 4.0 in the foundry. 

Come and visit us at GIFA 2019 to find out how TTV improves the quality of your production.

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Product category: Quality control

Leak Testing of the Cooling Jacket - The New Solution for Electric Motors

With HEV/EV technology (hybrid and electric vehicles) comes new leak test requirements for the automotive industry.

All the components employed in the electric powertrains, like batteries, power electronics and electric motors, must be guaranteed for sealing according to IP specifications, in order to prevent any possible entry of water or moisture from the ambient.

Moreover all of these components have cooling circuits, either working with refrigerant gas or water glycol mixture, that are needed to remove the heat generated in the normal working conditions. Cooling circuits, cooling plates, hoses and heat exchangers must be also tested for leakage, to guarantee the long term efficiency of the cooling device or to prevent the leakage of the cooling medium that could lead to a short-circuit.

Marposs can provide a wide range of standard products and customised applications, either manual or fully automated, for the leak testing of the EV components in the complete manufacturing chain. Depending on the leak testing requirements, different solutions and technologies can be proposed:

- Wide range of electronic equipment for the leak testing with air methods (absolute pressure decay, differential pressure decay, mass flow)
- Complete customised applications for the leak testing with air methods
- Sniffing solutions with tracer gas, for the identification of the leakage points
- Global check with tracer gas in accumulation or vacuum chamber, for the highest sensitivity testing

Our long term experience in the use of these technologies allows us to provide a competent support to the customers in identifying the most convenient and reliable solution and optimizing the testing process.

A demo station for the leak testing with Helium in vacuum chamber of the Cooling Jacket of an Electric Motor is shown on our booth at the Control Exhibition.

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