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Instal-Filter S.A.

ul. Polnocna 1A, 64-000 Koscian
Telephone +48 65 5351200
Fax +48 65 6194545

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Daniel Foltyn

+ 48 887 881 501


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

  • 21  Exhaust and ventilation technology
  • 21.01  Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.01  Flue gas cleaning plants

Flue gas cleaning plants

  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.03  Dust extraction systems
  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.04  Filters and filter materials

Filters and filter materials

Our products

Product category: Dust extraction systems

Bag filters

INSTAL-FILTER SA has in its offer horizontal and vertical bag filters. We provide you with advisory in terms of selection of appropriate product adjusted to your needs and the type of implemented investment project. We offer comprehensive support, starting from the design, through manufacturing, ending up with installation and service.


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Product category: Flue gas cleaning plants

Neutralization systems

INSTAL-FILTER SA offers modern technologies which reduce the emission to atmosphere of all gaseous compounds listed in the BAT conclusions and IED Directive. Depending of used reactors, we propose you desulphurisation with a use of mechanical reactor or desulphurisation with fluid bed reactor. In each of them the sorbent used may be lime or soda.

INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following NOx technologies:
Selective, non-catalytic reduction method applied in high fumes temperatures of gases 850 – 1080 °C
Selective, catalytic reduction method applied in low temperatures of gases 180 – 470 °C
Combination of SNCR and SCR methods

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Product category: Dust extraction systems


Devices and installations accordant with the ATEX, intended to extract dusts from dust & air explosive mixtures

In many sectors of industry it is frequently required to de-dust air & dust mixtures which are very explosive. Mainly, it concerns processes related with processing of coal, biomass, wood in wood industry, organic dusts in a foodstuffs industry, dusts in chemicals industry etc.

To de-dust air & dust explosive mixtures we offer devices and complex installations performed acc. to binding ATEX Directive (2014/34/UE). They can be used to extract dusts belonging to St1 and St2 explosiveness class. Our filtration systems belong to 3 D category. It means they can be erected in any location classified as a non-explosive zone and in 22 zones, which are explosive.

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Product category: Dust extraction systems

Mechanical de-dusting units

One of the simplest and the oldest gas de-dusting methods is gravitational separation of dusts from a gas stream. Devices using simple physical rules (rapid change of flow direction, centrifugal power, spiral traffic etc.) in the gas de-dusting process are called mechanical units.
Mechanical dust extracting units are widely applied in the industry because of simple and compact structure, no moving parts as well as capability to operate in high temperatures and under high pressures. They are widely applied as a preliminary de-dusting stage system in installations which need to satisfy restrictive emission rates. They ensure separation of thick, erosional fractions of dusts. 

Presently, among our products there are the following mechanical dust extracting units:

Serial cyclones, type CE/S
Singular cyclones, type CO
Horizontal cyclones, type CP
Horizontal multi-cyclones, type MOS
Chamber dust extracting units, type OK
Sparks eliminators, IS type
All of these devices can be applied for both, cold gases and fumes characterized by higher temperature. Thanks to developed solutions we ensure their proper operation even up to 600° C.

Capital expenditures for this group of devices are small; since their service is simple they are a great option for clients.

Low costs of production
Small dimensions, simple structure and simple service
Warranty of the highest standards - mechanical dust extracting units from INSTAL-FILTER SA catalog ensures that applied solutions meet contemporary legal and efficiency requirements
The latest solutions - regular work of designers focused on structures of duct extracting units enables us to respond effectively to needs of the market
Support in the area of selection - we always provide help in the field of selection of the most appropriate dust extracting unit. Not always the most efficient preliminary dust collector is also the most advantageous in the field of second level filtration. 

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Product category: Dust extraction systems

Gas coolers

In many industrial objects there are emitted dusted gases of high temperature. Mostly it regards glass works, aluminum works, copper works as well as foundries and cement mills where gas temperatures may reach 550-600 °C.

The filtration process on filtrating bags must not take place under such conditions. In order to lower the temperature to a level acceptable for bags that is up to 260 °C., we offer gas cooling systems.

Temperature reduction is performed in two ways. The first one consists in distribution of cold atmospheric air and mixing both of the streams. Because of substantial increase in gas volumes, which must be filtrated at the next stage, it is not economic and it has been abandoned. The second gas cooling method takes place by means of a cooling system (pipe heat exchangers). It consists in cooling of hot gases without a need for stream of external air supplied into a stream of hot air.

System operation is based on a convection process ( transfer of heat energy from hot gases into a cooling agent). A cooling agent may be a gas (the most frequently it is the atmospheric air or a liquid (water or oil)). Exchange of the heat energy takes place by means of exchange pipes' walls.

Such a system enables also a situation where the cooling unit is the first de-dusting stage. There are precipitated thicker particles of dust contained in a cooled gas. In case of cooling down of fumes with dust, which is prone to adhere to the surface of walls, we apply so called chain cleaning system. It prevents dust layers on the surface of cooling down pipes.

Direction of flow of cooled down gas takes place downstream and cooling agent - perpendicular to it. Such a system supports the process of falling down of dusts separated in the dust exchanger chamber into the chute. In case of exchangers applying cooling gas, it is pumped into the exchanger pipes by means of axial or radial fans. In case of exchangers with liquid, there is applied pressure of the supplying system.

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Product category: Dust extraction systems

Dust collection system

Dust reception (collection) systems are necessary equipment of each dust-extracting installation. They are intended to remove dusts from chutes of the devices operating at pressures different from the atmospheric one. They enable emptying them without decompression or tight closure of a containers with dust.

We assure proper selection of a device adjusted to particular application.

simplicity of service and maintenance
modern structural solutions assuring great reliability and low noise emission rates.
support provided by experienced experts in the field of selection of concrete device to individual application.
for explosive dusts some of the devices (dispensing units) can be offered in ATEX version.

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Product category: Dust extraction systems

Elements of installations

In order to erect a complete de-dusting system, apart from designing and manufacturing of devices a lot of other elements are required. Choosing our company client does not have to worry about anything since all of them are available in our range of products. Ducts , damping valves and supportive structures are manufactured by INSTAL-FILTER SA acc. to typical types of series and in untypical dimensions adjusted to individual needs of our clients.

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About us

Company portrait

INSTAL-FILTER SA Industrial Air Protection Systems
Modern enterprise oriented to complex performance of investments in the field of air protection, in all industrial sectors in Poland and abroad, which are designed for individual needs of our clients.

More than 25 year experience and hundreds of references in the area of de-dusting, filtrating and neutralizing installations resulted in organization which has full and world-class infrastructure necessary to solve problems related to the air protection issue. Combination of economic solutions with modern and efficient technology, own designing office and team of experienced employees enables us to perform professionally ecologic air protectioninvestments and to meet individual needs of clients.

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