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OBLF Gesellschaft für Elektronik & Feinwerktechnik mbH

Salinger Feld 44, 58454 Witten
Telephone +49 2302 98790
Fax +49 2302 987980

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 18  Control systems
  • 18.02  Control equipment, automation technology

Control equipment, automation technology

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.03  Testing of materials and workpieces
  • 19.03.07  Materials testing, further equipment

Materials testing, further equipment

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.04  Chemical analyses and metallography
  • 19.04.03  Spectographic analysis equipment
  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.06  Quality control

Quality control

Our products

Product category: Spectographic analysis equipment

MVS 1000

The OBLF MVS 1000 spark emission spectrometer allows a versatile, flexible and fast analysis of all common metallic materials. Equipped with state-of-the-art detector technology, the metal analyzer enables precise determination of the material composition at an attractive device price. The analytical spectrum also includes the precise analysis of short wavelength elements like phosphorus or sulfur

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Product category: Spectographic analysis equipment

GS 1000-II

The GS 1000-II, the smallest member of the OBLF family, is a single matrix spark emission spectrometer for all standard applications. Thanks to its compact and solid construction as well as its simple operation, it is ideal for use in production environments like foundries, but also for the purpose of incoming goods and materials control. In order to guarantee independence from the external conditions surrounding the spectrometer, the detectors (photomultipliers) and the integration system are housed in the temperature-stabilised vacuum optics. The analytic capability covers the precise analysis of short-wave elements like carbon, phosphorous, sulphur and nitrogen in steel or cast iron and phosphorous in aluminium.

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Product category: Spectographic analysis equipment


Featuring cutting-edge detector technology on the basis of semiconductor detectors that were specially developed for emission spectroscopy, OBLF’s VeOS spark emission spectrometer enables versatile, flexible and quick analysis of all common metallic materials. The analytical spectrum also includes the precise analysis of short wavelength elements like nitrogen or low carbon.

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Product category: Spectographic analysis equipment

QSN 750-II

Our QSN 750-II model is a spark emission spectrometer that can be used as a single- or multi-matrix system thanks to its 750 mm vacuum optics. This results in a broad field of application, which not only covers the entire range of metal producing and processing enterprises, but also includes a large spectrum of options for material testers and testing institutes. Both the integration system and the photomultipliers, which are arranged in accordance with customer specifications, are housed inside the optics and are therefore protected against external influences. The temperature-stabilised optics and the Gated Digital Source (GDS) technology guarantee a high degree of signal reproducibility and thus analytical constancy. The easy-to-reach self-cleaning and patented spark stand and aperture window enable problem-free maintenance by the user.

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Product category: Spectographic analysis equipment

QSG 750-II

Our QSG 750-II spark emission spectrometer can also be called OBLF’s flagship model. This single- or multi-matrix model is ideal for all applications demanding the lowest possible detection limits, the highest degree of reproducibility and additional metallurgical information about the analyte. The application spectrum goes from primary producers like steel mills or other smelteries through metal-processing companies right up to research institutes and universities.

At first glance, the QSG 750-II is comparable with the QSN 750-II model. The main difference lies in the data logging system, which is based on the GISS technology (Gated Integration of Single Sparks) developed by OBLF. Given identical dimensions, it is also fitted with tried-and-tested hardware components like the temperature-stabilised 750 mm vacuum optics, the Gated Digital Source (GDS) technology with freely definable parameters and the patented, self-cleaning spark stand.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology, Spectographic analysis equipment


The integration of our spectrometers into complex automated environments is always completed in cooperation with renowned enterprises specialised in the given field. We are therefore capable of providing complete systems with which entire steel mill labs can be automated. These systems are made up of all the requisite components from a pneumatic mail station through a pre-analysis sample-preparation and surface-control module right up to a module to transfer analysis data to the responsible recipient.

Apart from the spectrometer itself, OBLF’s range of products also includes:
  • sample handling robot
  • magazine for recalibration and control samples
  • visual surface analysis of spectrometer samples
  • spectrometer software interface for superordinate software

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About us

Company portrait

Thanks to more than 45 years of experience in the fields of photonics and precision engineering, OBLF has by now become one of the world’s most important developers and manufacturers of stationary metal analysis spectrometers. Our corporate milestones were always based on the consistent development of our products to the benefit of our customers.