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Our products

Product category: Burner

Selas Refrak™ Screen Burners

Two Models For Superior Combustion Control For Furnace Temperatures Up To 2100°F and Over 2100°F

The Selas Refrak Screen burner is a sealed-in tunnel burner with superior flame retention and combustion characteristics. The RSA’s large perforated refractory screen distributes the air/gas fuel mixture uniformly within the tunnel and assures complete combustion over an extremely wide throttling range. The Refrak Screen Burner has many advantages such as a wide operating range, low operating pressure, complete combustion, easy installation, easy replacement, low velocity and short flame.

Selas offers two kinds of Refrak Screen burners. Burners for furnace temperatures up to 2100°F are available in eight standard sizes for capacities up to 4,000,000 Btu/hr and for wall thicknesses from 6 3⁄4″ to 12 1⁄2″. Burners for furnace temperatures above 2100°F are available in 11 sizes fabricated to specific wall thickness.

S123 Refrak Screen Burners are recommended where furnace temperatures exceed 2100°F. Employing the same refractory port system as the RSA series, S123 burners maintain the same operating characteristics. Because of the higher temperatures encountered, however, it is not practical to offer the piloting and safety accessories available with RSA equipment.

S123 Burners are produced in a wide range of sizes and are fabricated to specific wall thickness. Easy to install and maintain, they provide an economical answer to high temperature requirements. Maximum operating temperature remains a function of furnace design, operating cycle, and turndown requirements.

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Product category: Burner

ERB Utility Burner

Designed for limited space applications requiring concentrated heat patterns, Selas/ERB Utility Burners provide a wide range of flexibility with respect to capacities, flame patterns (broad flat, needle point, cone, etc.) and sizes. They are utilized in industries such as plastics (bottles, caps, cup, plates, Frisbees, automotive) and glass, wire, labs and metals. The ENSIGN patented stainless steel ribbon port construction consistently produces a balanced flame over a wide turndown range. All burner ports are precision manufactured for specific flame patterns. Burner bodies are constructed of cast iron alloy.

Available in various sizes from 2” to 36”, all Selas/ERB Burners will perform efficiently with all gases and with any type of gas mixing system.

Maximum premix burner pressure allowable is 1-1/4” W.C. When premix systems operating at higher pressures are used, a restriction orifice must be installed in the feed inlet to each burner. Standard ¾” x ½” x 5/16” orifice restrictions can be furnished on request.

Burners with special ribbon constructions for capacities or lengths greater than those listed can be provided on request.

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Product category: Burner

ERB Hi-Tri™ Trizone Burner

The Hi-Tri™ Zone Burner is the newest in series of TriZone Burners from Selas.

The Hi-Tri uses the latest technology developed from years of research in bakery burners.

With a capacity of over 150,000 BTUs the Hi-Tri out performs all previous versions of zone burners in:

High Turndown ratio
BTU capacity
Zone Control Ability
Lateral Balance
Zone Heat Recovery
The design is an enlarged TriZone head which reduces pressure drop and back pressure. The feed nipple and burner are made from 2” heavy duty black pipe (also available in Stainless steel) and the tail nipple is 1-1/2” pipe. This design is made to retrofit existing 1-1/2” TriZone burners.

With a larger 2″ 2-tube configuration than its predecessor, the Hi-Tri burner incorporates a new manifold head to increase the burner’s BTU output by over 100%. With a much lower pressure drop, it can produce 150,000 BTU or more, versus standard burners which deliver up to 67,000 BTU, dramatically decreasing waste and improving heat recovery time.

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About us

Company details

Selas Heat Technology Company: An Industry Innovator Since 1896.
Recognized as one of the true pioneers in the industry, Selas has a combustion heritage that is approaching 120 years. Passionate about combustion, Selas began with gas lamps then expanded its innovations into a full offering of combustion components and eventually transitioned itself into a leader of heat processing furnaces. With this growth, Selas built up its team of talent to invent and engineer many proprietary burners and other technologies, including our press and fired ceramics burners. Throughout its history and with its acquired brands, Selas has gathered one of the richest collections of patents in the industry.

Today, Selas is primarily an industrial burner manufacturer and continues serving the industrial thermal processing industry with a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable gas burners, combustion systems and thermal components to support many different types and brands of ovens, furnaces and thermal processing applications. Our proven approach to combustion blends rugged products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat. All Selas burners and combustion components are engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency, dependable operation, and to help make your thermal process more profitable and successful. We also offer strong customer service and start-up assistance.

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