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Siemens AG Building Technologies

Berliner Ring 23, 76437 Rastatt
Telephone +49 7222 5980
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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand F41

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THERMPROCESS 2019 fairground map: Hall 9

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.04  Oil firing equipment
  •  Burner
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.10  Burner controls
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.11  Flame detectors

Flame detectors

Our products

Product category: Gas, Burner, Burner controls

LME – user-friendly burner controls

LME burner controls ensure reliable operation and supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas
burners with intermittent operation. The products have proven their reliability since
many years and excel in a high level of safety while offering ease of operation.
Burner controls of the LME line feature a redundant, 2-channel microprocessor system
and 2 independent shutdown paths for safety-related functions. An ionization probe
or UV sensor is used for flame supervision.
Finally the PC software tool ACS410, for data analysis and parameterization, completes
the range. The PC tool can be used with all product variants.

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Product category: Burner

SQM4 – the actuator for air and gas dampers

The electromotoric synchron actuators SQM40/SQM41 are suited for driving flow
control valves, butterfly valves, dampers or for use on other applications that require
rotary motion.
The actuators are used primarily for load-dependent control of the flow of gas, oil
volume, and combustion air volume in connection with 3-position or modulating controllers
(e.g., 4...20 mA), and/or directly by burner controls. In this case, fuel-air ratio
control operates according to the mechanical or pneumatic principle.

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Product category: Gas, Burner

VKP40 – the new gas control valve

VKP40 is a new proportional flow control valve within the Siemens gas controls range.
It is designed to adjust the gas flow of any gas burning appliance. Even at heat treatment
applications which require robust solutions with high turn down rates and high
cycling rates the device can be used..
VKP40 is an intregrated control suited to be combined with the wide range of Siemens
damper actuators.
For example: Synchronous actuators operating via floating control or 4...20mA
signals. In combination with stepper motor actuators the VKP40 becomes an integral
component of an electronic linkageless system.
VKP40 offers traditional the pipe mounting but also the possibility to be mounted directly
to a VGD20 gas valve body.

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Product category: Gas, Burner

VRD – Innovative bio gas valve range

Bio gas valve VRD40 is an additional version of the well known VGD4 valve series prepared
for the use with gases outside of the EN437 range.
These gases coming from digester processes or generated by thermal processes
(bio/recycling gases) do not fulfill the requirements of defined gases e.g. natural gasfamilies
I, II and III according to EN437.
The bio/recycling gases could contain aggressive elements like H2S or NH3 which the
VRD40 valves has to be resistant.
Therefore VRD40, compared to VGD40, has been equipped with specific materials
which provide a general suitability and a better lifetime in these environments.
VRD40 covers also all well known burner specific features like the VGD40.
Additional safety- measures are given in combination with SKP (valve proving systems
via CPI-switches, IP65 kit AGA66).

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Product category: Gas, Burner, Burner controls

LMV5 – the strong burner management system

The LMV5 burner management system demonstrates its capabilities not only in operation
but also when it comes to the development and design of new generations of
The compact basic unit can be fitted directly in or on the burner or in a control panel.
Since mechanical linkage is no longer required, electronic air-fuel ratio control offers a
new kind of flexibility when it comes to adjusting actuators. And of course, system integration
of functions cuts mounting and comissioning costs. The usage of the LMV5
system for heat supply of large building complexes or industrial process heat generations
and the excellent price-performance ratio are only 3 reasons for the LMV5 and
offers the opportunity to switch from mechanical to electronical air-fuel ratio control.

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Product category: Gas, Burner, Burner controls

LMV2/3 – flexible and easy burner management system

The LMV2/3 burner management system, with integrated electronic air-fuel ratio
control, is used for the control of modulating or multistage oil or gas burners of medium
The benefits offered by electronic air-fuel ratio control are independent ratio curve
settings and flexibility in terms of burner design. Fuel and air actuators can be fitted
anywhere without having to give consideration to mechanical linkage.
Depending on the individual unit versions, the LMV2/3 burner management system
provides a number of variable program sequences for control of the burner. There is a
choice of gas and oil programs, with or without pilot burner, depending on the applications
and the basic unit version.
In the case of LMV26 dual-fuel burner controls for Europe, or LMV36 for North America,
any 2 fuel trains can be combined.
Variable speed drive control integrated in the different versions of the LMV2/3 is the
ideal solution for efficient and favorably priced operation.
Straightforward and flexible connection of the load controller is made possible via
Modbus, analog 4...20 mA interface, or 3-position step control.

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About us

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Siemens is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy – as well as in the areas of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics. Today, Siemens has around 377,000 employees in more than 200 countries/regions. We operate in production and manufacturing plants worldwide. In addition, we have office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities or sales offices in almost every country/region in the world.