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UHT Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB

Kistagången 2, 164 40 Kista
Telephone +46 8 6220880
Fax +46 8 54495668

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand A55

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 3


Per Vesterberg




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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.04  Special processes (e.g. argon oxygen decarburization)
  • 10  Electrical engineering and process control technology
  • 10.02  Process control technology and automation

Our products

Product category: Special processes (e.g. argon oxygen decarburization), Special processes, Process control technology and automation

AOD and CLU converter refining of special & stainless steel as well as ferroalloys

UHT has a full range of AOD converters for special and stainless steel refining.
The CLU converter is predominantly used for refining of ferroalloys; FeCr, FeMn, etc see enclosed information pdf.

UHT can delivery complete converter plants but also other flexible solutions to fit customer requirements and capabilities.

We do also sell selected components for the AOD & CLU converters as to revamp and upgrade existing installations;
- Gas Mixing Stations, GMS
- Swivel, tuyers and top-lance
- Hydraulic Converter Drive, HCD for tilting of converter vessel
- Level 1/PLC and Level 2/UTCAS process control systems
- Off-gas hoods and Fume Treatment Plants, FTP
- Material Handling Systems, MHS

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Product category: Special processes

Granulation of Pig Iron in Integrated Steelmaking

In integrated steelmaking, the GRANSHOT® metal granulation process is used to handle excess iron.  It is an industrial and high capacity process, up to 360 tonnes/hour. The GRANSHOT unit provides an outlet for hot metal, optimizing the stability of the iron making process which is highly beneficial for campaign life as well as raw material consumption. The GRANSHOT unit has a small footprint and requires less labour and maintenance to be in operation. The Granulated Pig Iron, GPI is a highly interesting product since it can be easily handled both manually and automatically and reused into BF, BOF, EAF, IF etc.

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Product category: Special processes

Granulation of metals by the GRANSHOT process

The GRANSHOT metal granulation process can granulate most metals, for instance FeNi, FeCr, FeSi, Basemetals, Steel alloys, etc for an efficient production process that creates an interesting product both when it comes to logistics and metallurgical properties. With over 50 GRANSHOT references worldwide it has proven to be a viable process for both producers and downstream users of granulated metals. At the GRANSHOT Pilot test unit customers can verify how the process and product will be for their specific metal analysis. 
Lately we have introduced the Rotating Tundish solution for improved control and product sizing, applicable for ferroalloys.

GRANSHOT is also suitable to solidify recycled metals. More and more valuable metals are recycled today due to better collection systems and stricter environmental legislatives. The GRANSHOT® process is excellent for handling the recycled liquid metal, creating a good and manageable product for transport and further use.   Examples of recycling areas are dust from the metallurgical industry, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and hazardous waste.

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Product category: Process control technology and automation

UTCAS process control - Level 2 real-time process control platform for the steel shop and ferraolloy producer

The level 2 system UTCAS is always delivered with UHTs AOD & CLU deliveries. UTCAS now also serves as a platform for all other fsteel shop activities such as; EAF, BOF, AOD, LF and VOD/VD. With the UTCAS system is is possible to simualte prior to operation, run real-time process control during production and finally analyse and followup the process after the heat is ready.

With UTCAS there is now one (1) common interface for all steel making operations and that the processes can share and forward information, for instance if the EAF operations goes faster than expected then the platform will inform the AOD operations to slow down and instead run the process more cost efficient etc.

UTCAS can replace existing level 2 systems or be added when level 2 is missing.

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Our trade marks

Company news



20 Jun 2019

Join UHT for a Swedish "Fika" in our booth

The Swedish Fika is to join with colleagues and customers over a cup of coffee.
It is a casual way to discuss, inform, plan and resolve matter without having to call for a formal meeting.

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20 Jun 2019

Repeat GRANSHOT® Order from TATA Steel.

UHT has received a second order from TATA Steel Ltd. in India for a GRANSHOT® metal granulation unit to be installed at their main integrated steel plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. The GRANSHOT unit will have a 300 tonnes/hour granulation capacity to handle excess pig iron from the blast furnace operation. It will be commissoned during 2020. The first GRANSHOT order to TATA Steel Kalinganagar was commissioned in 2016.
GRANSHOT® metal granulation is an industrial and high capacity solution to solidify metal. Granulated Pig Iron, GPI, is a clean, homogenous and easy to handle modern pig iron product that melts rapidly in any downstream melting process. Tata Steel sells GPI under the registered trademark Tata Ferroshots®.

UHT – Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB is a Swedish technology supplier of GRANSHOT® Metal Granulation units, AOD and CLU® Converter refining plants, and related services for producers of special and stainless steel, pig iron, ferroalloys and base metals.    

Mr Per Vesterberg, Sales Manager, UHT
Mob +46-73-2752336

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09 Jun 2019

Managing Director Mr Christoffer Lundström present at METEC

Come and meet our MD Mr Christoffer Lundström, he will be present at METEC the 25, 26 and 27 June.

For a meeting, please contact Mr Per Vesterberg, or phone +46-73-2752336.

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09 Jun 2019

Rotating Tundish solution for New and Existing GRANSHOT installations

The Rotating Tundish solution has been introduced as a solution within the GRANSHOT metal granulation process.
Rotating Tundish is predominantly used for granulation of ferroalloys for improved control and product sizing.
There is published information relating to this solution as from the latest INFACON meeting in Cape Town in 2019.

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About us

Company portrait

UHT develops and provides innovative and sustainable solutions to the iron, steel, stainless steel and ferroalloy industries worldwide. Based on extensive metallurgical experience, forefront technology and cost-effective equipment, UHT is established as a reliable global supplier of equipment, advanced metallurgical processes and sophisticated process control systems.