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Hertwich Engineering GmbH

Professor Weinbergerstr. 6, 5280 Braunau
Telephone +43 7722 806-0
Fax +43 7722 806-1220
This company is co-exhibitor of
SMS group GmbH

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand E22-01

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Plant and equipment for non-ferrous metal production
  • 04.03  Smelting
  • 04  Plant and equipment for non-ferrous metal production
  • 04.05  Aluminium retrieval/recycling

Aluminium retrieval/recycling

  • 04  Plant and equipment for non-ferrous metal production
  • 04.06  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

  • 06  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of non-ferrous metals
  • 06.01  Ingot casting
  • 06  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of non-ferrous metals
  • 06.02  Continuous casting
  • 08  Plant and systems for shaping of non-ferrous metals
  • 08.08  Reheating and heat treating furnaces

Reheating and heat treating furnaces

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.03  Material testing

Material testing

Our products

Product category: Ingot casting, Continuous casting

Single Chamber Melting & Casting Furnace

Single chamber furnaces generally require comparatively low investment costs. Furnace design is simple, rectangular or round, depending on individual application.

The rectangular furnace design with its front door across the full furnace width allows for maximum access during charging and skimming. Such design is well suitable for melting of clean scrap, ingots, sows etc (type I) with a melt rate of 2 - 15 tons/hour. With regenerative burners energy consumption below 600 kWh/ton is easily achieved.

Single chamber melting furnaces are designed either for hydraulic tilting (as casting furnace) or stationary, as required.

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Product category: Smelting

Multi Chamber Melting Furnace (Ecomelt)

Hertwich Ecomelt Melting Furnaces are generally based on integrated scrap preheating / delaquering and submerged melting process. They are designed for remelting of scrap with impurities like oil, paint, and plastic. Total non-metallic organic substances may reach 10% of charge weight, subject to calorific value.

Savings come not only from avoiding shredding and separating, but significantly from thermal reclamation of the hydrocarbons from paint and plastic. During preheating of such scrap, up to 80% of the gas consumption is substituted by the inherent energy of the gasified hydrocarbons.

The specific fuel gas consumption varies from 350 to 550 kWh/ton of aluminium during continuous operation subject to the quantity of organic impurities.

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Product category: Smelting

Universal Rotary Tilting Furnace (URTF)

The Universal Rotary Tilting Furnace is particularly suitable for melting of dross and low grade scrap with organic impurities > 10% or high iron content. The name is derived from the fact that this is the most versatile Rotary Tilting Furnace on the market. It represents leading edge technology to sustainably contribute to environmentally sound yet economic scrap recycling and is designed for three process options:

  • Low salt process
  • Salt free ALUREC® process
  • Calcium aluminate process
The Hertwich URTF is available in five standard sizes, 3, 5, 10, 14 and 20 whereby the number indicates the useful furnace volume in m³. Correspondingly the melt rate ranges from 1,5 to 9,0 tons/hour.

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About us

Company portrait

HERTWICH, a company of the SMS group, is active worldwide with design, supply, construction and commissioning of machinery and equipment for the aluminium industry, foremost aluminium casthouses.

Based on more than 40 years of experience HERTWICH maintains its worldwide lead with Continuous Homogenizing Plants for extrusion billet (90% market share).

With advanced melting technology HERTWICH has in recent years revolutionized the industry. HERTWICH is competent for supplying complete Al-casthouses on a turnkey basis (one-stop-shopping). To stay ahead HERTWICH relies on its own R&D and proprietary own know-how.