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Xi'an Tengye Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd.

P.O. Box 710001, 710021 Xi'an, Shaanxi
10th Floor, Zhihui International Building, Fecheng 10th Rd., 710000 Xi'an, Shaanxi
Telephone +86 29 62398238
Fax +86 29 62398237

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand B48

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 3

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Product categories

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.02  Electric steel production

Our products

Product category: Electric steel production

Ultra-High Power Electric Arc Furnace

Series reactor in main loop improves the system impedance and achieves secondary high-voltage, long-arc and low-current operation with stable arc and high arc power. On-load tap changer is adopted during the operation of the EAF, which comprises left or right operation, rotating lid, top charging and eccentric bottom tapping. The furnace body is of frame-type full water-cooling structure, with detachable upper and lower furnace shells, concentric circular tubular furnace cover in the water-cooling structure, Oxygen lance at the furnace door and burner on the furnace wall. The proportional valve controls electrode lifting, rotation of furnace cover and furnace tilting. There are a whole set of PLC, and computer control system and computer screen monitoring system.

It consists of: Furnace body, furnace tilting mechanism, electrode lifting mechanism, furnace cover lifting and revolving mechanism, cooling water and its display & alarm mechanism, hydraulic unit, compressed air system, charging system, high-pressure switching system, transformer, series reactor, low-voltage power supply system, computer control system and screen monitoring system.

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Product category: Electric steel production

HX Steelmaking Electric Arc Furnace

HX series three-phase steelmaking EAF has different power levels and structural types such as regular power and high power.

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Product category: Electric steel production

Electrical automation control system

1.The electrode Automatic pressure release function

Based processes require, precise voltage discharge electrode,greatly improve the stability, reliability of electricfurnace production,the reductionof electrode fracture rate, to ensure safety, high efficiency, stable operation of electric furnace.

2. Electrode lifting function

Based process requires accurate control electrode operation.

3. The function of automatic control feeding

Accordingto processrequirements, timing, quantitative automatic adding material to the furnace. The feeding uniformity, stability, to ensure continuous and stable operation of electric furnace, to improve the level of automation.

4. Detection and display of operating parameters

Electric furnace operating parameters such as:current,voltage,power factor,temperature, pressure and other parameters in real-time detection and control,and a sound alarm,all parameters, status can be displayed on the color display.

5. Automatic and manual switching function

To ensure system reliability.equipped with a set of manual control buttons,manual control can be used under any circumstances.

6. The operation parameters of storage and printing function

Instant printing and timing print arbitrary choice,operating parameters can be prolonged storage,access to,easy to manage.

7. The network function

With the LAN network, the parametercan be remote monitoring furnace operation, improve the enterprise automation management level.

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About us

Company portrait

Xi’an Tengye Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company involved in metallurgical equipment designing, technical researching and developing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The main products from Xi’an Tengye Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd.: EAF, LF, VD/VOD, Submerged Arc Furnaces for Ferroalloy and Induction furnaces. Also we supply with the turn key project to our clients.