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Qingdao Tennry Carbon Co., Ltd

Room 506, 5TH Floor, Shengwen Outlets No.228 Heilongjiang Middle Rd, Chengyang, 266000 Qingdao
Telephone +86 532 88732781
Fax +86 532 88732787

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Product categories

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.06  Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Our products

Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Fire Intumescent Strip

Fire intumescent strip, mainly used in steel door, wooden doors and door frames, between door leaf. When fire Fire intumescent strip will be Automatic inflation, sealing the door gap, blocking air circulation between two Spaces, effectively prevent fire early smoke, toxic gas and heat and control the harm of human
1 expansion temperature: starting temperature 199 °c, the body expansion temperature 347 °c ; 
2 linear expansion ratio: the swelling of greater than or equal to the original thickness of 3 to 10 times; 
3.high temperature and combustion performance: temperature to 980  °c and keep 90min, not burning, not grey; 
4 smoke performance: the fire test for 90 min, door seal installation of left, right, and no obvious leakage cracks in upper smoke, smoke prevention performance is more than 90 min. 
5 environmental capacity: under room temperature and 90 humidity conditions placed expansion ratio unchanged.

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Isostatic Pressure Graphite

Isopressing high-purity graphite is made into low ash raw material by high temperature graphitizing and ash handling treatment. Mainly used as discharge electron tube, thyratron, graphite block for mercury arc rectifier, graphite boat, pot and electric heating element for semiconductor technology, graphite utensil used for metal gasification, continuous casting, graphite mould for pressure agglomeration and graphite electrode processing.

In addition, in order to meet requirement from all high and new technology industry, we supply imported isotropy graphite for choice.

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials

High Purity Graphite

1.Process engineering characteristic of high purity graphite

1) High Purity Graphite is made into low ash raw material by high temperature graphitizing and ash handling treatment.Production standard is according to JB\T 2750-2006, carbon content is between 99% and 99.95%.

2)High temperature resistance:Graphite is one of the currently known highest-temperature resistance materials. Its melting point is 3850 ° C ± 50 ° C, boiling point up to 4250 ° C. Under 7000 ° C ultra high temperature electric arc, the loss of graphite is the minimum, only 0.8% of the total weight in 10 seconds,Thus, the high temperature resistance of graphite is very prominent.

3) Specific thermal shock resistance: Graphite has good thermal shock resistance,when the temperature changes suddenly, the crack will not emerge due to the small thermal expansion coefficient.

4) Thermal and electric conductivity: Graphite has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Compared with the general material, its thermal and electrical conductivity is very high. Four times higher than stainless steel, two times higher than carbon steel and 100 times higher than the average non-metallic.

5)Lubricant: The lubricating properties of the graphite is similar to MoS2, the friction coefficient is less than 0.1. Its lubricating properties changes from the size the graphite flake, the bigger the flake is,the smaller the coefficient is ,and the lubricant property will be better.

6)Chemical stability: Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature. Resistance to acid, alkali, and organic solvents.

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About us

Company portrait

Qingdao Tennry Carbon Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of carbon graphite products in Shandong Province. Founded in 2006, it has been engaged in the graphite industry for more than ten years. It has always adhered to quality and integrity. It is specialized in the customized production of graphite products and has gradually developed into a leading supplier of graphite products for domestic technology and services.

The company covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters, has hundreds of professional and technical personnel, with an annual output of 30,000 tons, and integrates the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of graphite electrodes, graphite machining products, recarburizers and carbon materials. We have advanced production lines, standardization, systematic management and production; with computer control product component testing room to ensure that each product quality inspection is qualified.