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14 Jan 2019

GreenCasting by Green Box company of Frigel Group

The Frigel group, thanks to the experience acquired in the sector by the Green Box, deals with the aluminum die-casting sector with patented solutions that allow to achieve excellent results in terms of efficiency and sustainability.
The thermoregulation of the mold is made by pressurized water temperature controllers for operation up to 180 ° C specially designed for the aluminum die-casting process which, interconnected with the molding machine, allow complete synchronization of the process obtaining an optimization of the production cycle (improvement of the quality of the molded piece and reduction of cycle time) and a reduction in energy consumption.

The new range of innovatory temperature control units of the Greencasting series gives
Green Box a leading role in the world of the aluminium die-casting .
The complete control of the temperature of the die-casting moulds is granted by the
innovative design of the new Greencasting series.
The completely new cooling system (patented) reduces to minimum the electrical energy
The process is completely controlled by a PLC.

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