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Qingdao Central Metal Technology Co. Ltd

# 166, Haier Road, 266061 Qingdao
Telephone +86 532 85929612
Fax +86 532 85929618

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  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.02  Production processes
  • 01.02.004  Investment casting

Our products

Product category: Investment casting

Investment Casting

Investment casting (Lost wax casting) is a key technique among a range of modern metal casting techniques that is capable of providing an economical means of mass producing shaped metal parts containing complex features such as thin wall, undercut contours and inaccessible spaces, which can be difficult or impossible to create using other fabrication method.

All steel and stainless-steel materials as well as aluminum alloys, brass and bronze can be cast, very close to the final shape, by means of the highly refractory ceramic shell.

Investment casting can make parts with close tolerances and high quality surfaces, in many cases parts can be manufactured ready for installation, this can save machining cost and make the price more competitive than other casting method.

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Product category: Investment casting

Die Casting

Die Casting is the process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into the cavities of steel molds, called dies. Dies range in complexity to produce any non-ferrous metal parts from sink faucets to engine blocks, it offers a more uniform part, generally good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy, as good as 0.2 % of casting dimension. For many parts, post-machining can be totally eliminated, or very light machining may be required to bring dimensions to size. Die casting molds tend to be expensive as they are made from hardened steel, also the cycle time for building these molds tend to be long.

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Product category: Investment casting

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a collective name for several different casting processing, it include green sand casting on floor or on molding line, shell mould casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting, lost foam casting, resin sand castings etc., it offers high freedom for designing in the manufacturing process compare with other casting processing, there is nearly an unlimited range of selection as regards size and wall thickness of the components.

This process is particular economical in comparison with other casting processes.

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About us

Company portrait

Central Metal Technology (CMT) is a member company of QAIE which was established in 1995 and is a family owned group company, which owns 3 factories with different manufacturing processes and is engaged in foundry technology, mechanical engineering and manufacturing metal products. CMT supplies metal products by customized solution and engineering to customers worldwide. Metal parts manufactured in the processes of investment casting, die casting, sand casting, forging, stamping, welding ,sintering, machining, etc.

We assist clients from initial design of the products, optimization of design for manufacturing, choice of the material, prototyping to batch manufacturing, quality control, failure analysis, and more.