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Luoyang Liushi Mould Co., Ltd.

No. 35, Longhua Avenue,, 471100 Luoyang City, Henan Province
Telephone +86 379 67029999
Fax +86 379 67029888

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Product categories

  • 02  Nonferrous metal castings - Aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, nickel and other nonferrous metal foundries
  • 02.03  Customers and uses of nonferrous metal castings
  • 02.03.028  Moulds, tools and jigs

Our products

Product category: Moulds, tools and jigs

Metal Casting Molds

Metal casting molds means that in order to obtain the structural shape of the part, the structural shape of the part is made in advance with other easily formed materials, and then the mold is placed in the sand type, so that a cavity having the same structural size as the part is formed in the sand type. A fluid liquid is then poured into the cavity, and the liquid is cooled and solidified to form a part identical to the shape of the mold. With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and aerospace, metal casting molds are growing at a rate of more than 25% per year. Casting mold is one of the most important process equipments in casting production, and has a great influence on the quality of castings. The improvement of casting mold technology will be of great significance to improve the quality of castings, develop new castings and improve the near-net processing level. The advancement of metal casting molds technology will provide more precise, complex and high-quality castings for the pillar industries of the automobile, electric power, shipbuilding, rail transit, aerospace and other countries, and promote the overall improvement of industrial manufacturing enterprises.

1. Applications: Transportation, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, water conservancy facilities, aerospace, chemical machinery, marine transportation and other industries.

2. 30 sets of numerical control equipment, including 6 high-speed CNC milling machines, 14 large-scale gantry machining centers, 28 general-purpose equipments, 2 core shooting machines, 1 coordinate measuring machine, scanning, such as Haas, Demaggi, Taiwan Xiehong, etc. 1 set of instruments, 1 set of spectrum analyzer, 1 set of MAGMA simulation software, with an annual output of more than 1,000 sets of molds.

3. There are 168 employees, including 3 product technicians, 26 mold design engineers, 30 senior technicians and 4 professional inspectors. CAD, CAM/CAE/CAID and other computer-aided technologies are used to complete 3D modeling, CNC programming and casting. Process analysis, reverse engineering, the company has more than 30 senior fitter technicians, each technician has been engaged in the foundry mold industry for many years, has a wealth of professional knowledge.

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Product category: Moulds, tools and jigs

Metal Casting Molds

Casting principle:

Metal casting is suitable for mass production of non-ferrous alloy castings such as aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys with complex shapes, as well as castings and ingots for the production of steel and metal.

Process characteristics:

1) The thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the metal type are large, the cooling rate is fast, the microstructure of the casting is dense, and the mechanical properties are about 15% higher than that of the sand casting.

2) Castings with higher dimensional accuracy and lower surface roughness values can be obtained with good quality stability.

3) Improve the environment, reduce dust and harmful gases, and reduce labor intensity because of the lack of sand cores.

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Product category: Moulds, tools and jigs

Aluminum alloy casting mold


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About us

Company portrait

Luoyang Liushi mould Co.,Ltd was established on 2001, which is National Standard Setting Unit for Lost Foam Casting Pattern Forming Mould. The company is located in the Millennium Emperor, peony flower city of Luoyang City. It’s a high-tech enterprise in Henan province. We have 9000 square meters office building, and 18000 square meters workshop,which is well equipped with research, development, design, foundry, machining, assembly, surface treatment and other equipment. It’s a municipal R&D and technology center in Luoyang.

The company now has 6 invention patents, 20 patents for utility models, is a well-known trademark enterprise in Henan province. We have about 230 employees, including 36 professional mould design engineers , 39 senior technicians. We have 40 sets CNC machines and 28 sets general machines. 1 set 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, 1 set reverse scanner. Adopting the computer three-dimension design, programming, computer-aided processing technology, and the FM method to cast the aluminum mould blank, and combining with the original surface treatment technology of TEFLON , all aspects of our mould has been reached the industry leader such as quality, precision, efficiency, service life and so on.

Company technicians can provide on-site guide mould assembly, test production, free repair and complete technology for lost foam casting process according to customer demands. With the business philosophy of “careful design, lean manufacture, best service, perfect quality”, we strive to provide satisfactory products and services for customers. After years of development and innovation, we have become the first choice mould supplier for numerous lost foam casting enterprises.