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Thoni-Alutec sp z o.o.

Przyszowska 1, 37-450 Stalowa Wola
Telephone +48 15 81498-00
Fax +48 15 81498-09

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Piotr Kasprzyk

Technical Sales Manager



Grzegorz Szymanek

Technical Sales Manager



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Hall 14 / C01

25 Jun 2019



THONI ALUTEC Aluminium Foundry with CNC, CMM, NDT testing


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Nonferrous metal castings - Aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, nickel and other nonferrous metal foundries
  • 02.01  Material groups
  • 02.01.001  Aluminium and its alloys

Our products

Product category: Aluminium and its alloys

THONI-ALUTEC offers 2 casting methods

The sand casting process offers highest flexibility and low tooling cost. We use this process to produce casting weighing up to 10 tonnes and covering a length of over 30 feet. The gravity die casting process is used to produce high quantities and gives also higher strenght. Nevertheless this method has its limits and we currently produce maximum casting wheights of 90 kg. Heavier parts can be produced but this is very much depending on their shape.
Looking at our range of products the expert can easily judge our achievement on the aluminium foundry market. Customers from different industries worldwide see us a reliable and high performing partner. Faraway customers in the U.S., China or India are the best evidence for the high standard of our work and their confidence in us.
Currently there are nearly 2000 sets of tooling in our stores of which our customers order aluminium castings on a regular basis. Having this large variety we must meet each customers demands individually.

At the moment we mainly supply to the following industries.
• Medical
• Robotic
• Energy
• Combustion engines
• Railway
• Mechanical engineering

However, we are constantly engaged in creating new applications for aluminium castings. Running projects to which we supply prototypes open up new interesting business for us in the near future.
Below please find some alloys we use. Should you have a special request for an alloy we are more than happy to fulfill your requirements.

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Product category: Aluminium and its alloys

THONI-ALUTEC offers 2 casting methods


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Product category: Aluminium and its alloys


The heart of the production is our aluminium foundry. It was the foundation of our business and looks back over decades of experience and tradition. Combined with the latest equipment in foundry technology and determined employees we challenge any requirements our customers demand. Aluminium sand castings are produced to a weight of up to 10 tonnes and a length of over 30 feet. Alumnium gravity die castings are currently produced up to 90 kg per part.

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Company news



25 Jun 2019

THONI ALUTEC - Aluminium Foundry with CNC, CMM, NDT testing

With approx. 1960 employees, THONI-ALUTEC has become technological leader for aluminium castings.
Based in Poland, with excellent transport links to Europe, America and Asia. Thoni Alutec has 1960 highly skilled employees engaged in the production of Precision Aluminium Castings. Thoni Alutec has seen significant investment and expansion in the last few years and now offers complete casting solutions from design, encompassing casting, machining, surface finishing and assembly, a complete supply chain.
Castings are used in many different Engineering applications and with the correct design can be a more cost effective option than Machining from solid, fabrications or forgings. 

Markets currently served by Thoni Alutec are:
· Aerospace
· Energy (renewable and fossil)
· Power generation
· Railway
· Marine & defence
· Robotics & process machines
· Medical
· Automotive
· General engineering & architectural

From initial casting design, pattern shop, foundry, heat treatment and machine shop through to assembly, Thoni Alutec supplies aluminium castings from 1kg and up to 10 tones in weight. The integration of all processes in-house, provides short delivery times and a high level of quality. Only Primary grade aluminium is cast provided by certified suppliers. Thoni Alutec offers re-design of current steel and cast iron parts into aluminium castings.

Casting processes are Precision Sand casting, Low pressure die casting and Gravity die casting, using our vast experience and knowledge we will only recommend the optimized process that best fits the customer needs. Process choice is dependent on many issues ranging from casting design, strength, surface finish, dimensional tolerance and volumes.

Our employees and processes are certified acc. to the following standards:

- AS / EN 9100
- EN ISO 9001
- ISO/TS22163
- EN 473
- EN 4179
- ICS EU Dual-Use- Regulation No. 428/2009

THONI-ALUTEC produces aluminium sand castings and gravity die castings which are machined by state of the art CNC machining centers at our in-house machining facility.

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About us

Company portrait

With 1500 employees THONI-ALUTEC has become one of the largest jobbing foundries for aluminium castings worldwide. THONI-ALUTEC produces aluminium sand castings and gravity die castings which are machined by state of the art CNC machining centers at our in-house machining facility.
On our 44 hecare we have created production facilities of 76000 square feet under roof.
Starting from casting design, pattern shop, foundry, machine shop to assembly, we supply aluminium castings up to 10 tonnes in weight and more than 30 feet in length.
During the whole production process our castings are checked according to international standards and customer specification. Certified employees carry out x-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant tests, just to name a few testing procedures.
THONI-ALUTEC supplies aluminium castings to customers in Europe, U.S., Middle East, India and China which consider flexibility, quality and reliability a priority.

It is our goal to provide technical high integrity aluminium castings to international industries and to make use of the material’s full mechanical properties. We are convinced that aluminium castings have an untapped potential and that in numerous cases welded steel constructions or cast iron castings can be replaced by aluminium castings. We have actually proven this exercise more than once in the past for some of our customers which thereby have gained enormous technical and economical benefits.