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Silpahri Hardikala Industrial Area C/O Abha Jewellers, Sadar Bazar, 495001 Bilaspur
Telephone +91 93 02132161
Fax +91 77 52405138

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NEWCAST 2019 hall map (Hall 14): stand F31-08

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NEWCAST 2019 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.02  Production processes
  • 01.02.002  Sand casting - hand moulding
  •  with permanent patterns

Our products

Product category: with permanent patterns

SS Castings

We provide superlative Stainless Steel Castings that are precisely manufactured for anti-corrosive application. These precise castings are widely used in various industries likely, Pump, Valve, Chemical, Agro chemical, Petro-chemical & other industries.
The basis concept of Stainless Steel castings is for Anti-corrosive, Anti-errosions, Heat resistance & are manufactured as per National as well as International Specification. The known grades are SS 304 [CF8] SS 316 [CF8M] SS 316L [CF3M] Alloy-20 [CN7M] SS 309 [CH-20] SS 310 [HK-40] etc. We are counted among the major S.S.Castings manufactured & Suppliers in India.

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Product category: with permanent patterns

Cast Iron

Cast iron is iron or a ferrous alloy which has been heated until it liquefies, and is then poured cast-ironinto a mould to solidify. It is usually made from pig iron. The alloy constituents affect its colour when fractured: white cast iron has carbide impurities which allow cracks to pass straight through. Grey cast iron has graphite flakes which deflect a passing crack and initiate countless new cracks as the material breaks.
Cast iron is made by re-melting pig iron, often along with substantial quantities of scrap iron, scrap steel, lime stone, carbon (coke) and taking various steps to remove undesirable contaminants. Phosphorus and sulfur may be burnt out of the molten iron, but this also burns out the carbon, which must be replaced. Depending on the application, carbon and silicon content are adjusted to the desired levels, which may be anywhere from 2-3.5% and 1-3%, respectively. Other elements are then added to the melt before the final form is produced by casting.

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Product category: with permanent patterns


  • Semi-Automatic Modulding M/cs Arpa 300 & Arpa 450
  • Fully Automatic Shell Moulding & Mould Fuser Machines
  • Separate CO2 & No-Bake Moulding System with Autobatch Mixers
  • Core Shop – Shell Core Shooter, Hydraulic Core Shooters, CO2 & No-Bake Cores
  • Automatic Sand Plant with Knockout, Cooler, Sand Silos and Intensive Sand Mixers

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About us

Company portrait

Abha Power & Steel Pvt Ltd is a reputed name in the field of castings in central India catering mainly to Railways, Iron Pellet, Steel, Power, Cement & Mining Industries. The company was incorporated in 2005 with a Mild Steel Plant of capacity 1800MT per month. Later on, in 2009 additional 800MT capacity was added up especially for SG Iron Castings.

APSPL now provides a complete end to end solution to the industries right from Methoding, Patternmaking to finished product. We manufacture all grades of Mild Steel, Sphereoidal Graphite Cast Iron, Manganese Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloy and High Alloy Castings(High Cr & High Ni), HRCS & WRCS from as small as 0.5 Kgs to 8 Tonnes Single Finished Casting. Having capabilities of all Hand Moulding, Shell Moulding & Machine Mouldings, we can cater to both, Once-A-Time meticulous job as well as huge quantity regular jobs, with equal ease. With a complete Heat Treatment and Fettling infrastructure under a single roof we provide flexibility and durability to our castings.